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June 2019

There’s Never a Wrong Time to Call Two Decades of Experience to Let You Experience Peace of Mind

T he legal realm encompasses nearly every aspect of our civilized lives, and where there’s an issue there’s usually a lawyer trained to resolve it. If you’ve been wrongfully injured, have issues with a spouse, need help planning for your future, or have even gotten in a little trouble yourself, there is a viable solution to your problem that may be closer than you’d think. When my associates and I get up in the morning we look forward to hearing from clients like you, good people just trying to find solutions to their legal problems. Problems are part of life. Preventing and minimizing them before they become unruly can be an important part of your future. Our aim is to give you a direct line to our team of lawyers who practice nearly every facet of law, and live to do so. When I started practicing law 24 years ago, I had no idea how many avenues it would take me down. Growing up in Troy, I’d always been somewhat interested in the field, but it was only after graduating from Michigan State and spending a few years pounding the pavement in a sales job that I realized I truly wanted to pursue the law. I graduated from Detroit College of Law, which existed for over 100 years in downtown Detroit and has since merged with Michigan State University, and started the “practice” of law. Despite spending years in law school I quickly realized how different studying legal theory was than actually solving problems and resolving real cases for real people. You quickly realize how important it is to your client that they receive the best possible advice for their situation. Now, no two days are the same. My fellow attorneys and I spend our hours focused on helping people deal with serious problems and — if we do our jobs to our fullest potential —we see them walk away with the results they

deserve. We’ve helped thousands of clients since we’ve started. One thing I’ve learned is that it’s never too soon to call when you think there might be a problem. It doesn’t matter what the challenge is. In the rare instance that none of the lawyers in our office have the necessary experience to help with your particular problem we will gladly refer you to an expert in that area of the law. We aim to stop problems before they get any bigger, putting a halt to the escalation of events that can result in your life spiraling out of control. If it’s criminal defense you need, we aim to deal with the police directly, before the cases reaches the prosecutor, potentially avoiding charges altogether. If you find yourself in a rocky marriage and know a that divorce is imminent we want to stop your partner from taking your assets, from the very beginning. By taking these types of preventive measures rather than playing damage control after the fact, your chances of getting through

these challenges and potentially prospering are much greater.

Here at Paul Tafelski P.C. we want to be your personal general counsel. The place you turn to immediately when there is a problem in order to receive sound, experienced advice. With attorneys on our team specializing in personal injury, criminal defense, family law, corporate, tax, estate planning and probate you’ll be hard pressed to find such a wide range of respected lawyers that are just one office visit or phone call away. I’ve been practicing law in the great state of Michigan since 1995, and our firm has been a vital part of the community for the past 15 years. Today, I want to see to it that your legal matter is treated with the respect and attention it deserves, all while building an ongoing relationship that brings you peace of mind.

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