IT DSP Findings & Recommendations

Findings and Recommendations City of Berkeley: Digital Strategic Plan and Cost Allocation Plan

October 17, 2016 v5.1

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FUND$ or new ERP System


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Business Intelligence tool Operational Recommendations  Identify key financial staff in each department and provide training to staff.  Provide more communication ahead of time in terms of what will be needed and why it is important.  Expand department staff knowledge of accounting. Benefits  Saved staff time.  Reduced human error due to manual posting of entries.  Ending balances will be forwarded automatically to be the beginning balance of next fiscal year.  Auto alert for the status of workflow to the assigned personnel.  Related staff in other departments will have no excuse not to input their portions as a priority.  Improved the coordination between Accounting and City departments.  Allow staff to focus on other important projects simultaneously, for example, the external audit.  Tailor-made reports are much easier to obtain and generate.

 Improved the overall quality of the reports.  Improved overall quality of the finance system.

E SW 15.2 Finance, Revenue Accounting [9] Findings:

The Finance Revenue Accounting Rapid Workflow ® workshop revealed a number of challenges in that process. (This information may be incorporated into the ongoing

procurement process and evaluation of ERP systems.)  Mis-postings from one fund module to the other.

 Individual modules have a different rule on closing than the General Ledger.  Inability of CIS/MR to identify a batch number at the time of the deposit.  Lock box creation is not automated.  No full integration between GL and subsidiary ledgers.  When a payment is entered it is not posted to the account.  Inability to have a system generated TROD.  Delinquency notices are hard to work with.  Searching for customers in FUND$ is cumbersome.  FUND$ MR is not user friendly.  Adjustments require complete reversal of the process: Accela and ETIMs.  MR/CIS is not written to reflect the full accrual basis of accounting.  The FUND$ database is not clean.

Digital Strategic Plan: Findings & Recommendations

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