IT DSP Findings & Recommendations

Findings and Recommendations City of Berkeley: Digital Strategic Plan and Cost Allocation Plan

October 17, 2016 v5.1

(ThirdWave did not carry out a detailed technical assessment using a web crawler/Google Diagnostics to scan the entire website for quality issues including: accessibility; browser compatibility; broken links; legal compliance; search optimization; usability and web standards compliance, which was beyond the scope of the DSP Roadmap project.) Findings:  ThirdWave rates the City’s website design as dated, equal to those of other cities of comparable size from 2000 to 2005.  ThirdWave rates the City’s website maturity model (functionality) equal to those of other cities of comparable size from 2000.  The City website is focused on disseminating information to diverse members in the community as opposed to providing online services.  The City website does not currently provide online transactional services, or if it does, we could not find them.  There is a lack of mobile responsive design and development which makes viewing the site unfriendly on mobile devices.  The online staff survey revealed the following:  The City’s Website was identified as the number one technology requiring the most improvement with 42 of 233 staff/management noting the need – or 18% of all respondents.  When asked to rate E-government Applications to Improve Customer Service, and provided a variety of web options, Website Redesign was rated as number one, garnering 132 of 233 responses – or 56% of all respondents.  There were many comments related to the City’s website in the online survey; the following provide typical examples: o “The City website would benefit from a redesign that focuses on customer service and an intuitive design. There is great information on the website, but it's hard to navigate.” o I think the City should initially focus on making the website more attractive and user-friendly, before investing time in these other areas. These web technologies could enhance outreach and be helpful particularly to certain units within the City, especially where there is a need to connect with younger residents, but overall, upgrading the website should take precedence. o “For being a contemporary municipality, it is remarkable that we do not have social media.” o “Having an updated website would be a vast improvement.” o “It would be great to have better, clearer web access for our community partners.” o “The web site is outdated there are city employees listed as contact person that no longer work with us at least for 3 years.”  Website issues identified by City staff:  The website navigation is unclear and inconsistent.  The layout is clean yet somewhat clutter, resulting in a Graphical User Interface that is unfriendly.  The site displays a poor graphical and visual design when compared to contemporary municipal websites.  Navigation is inconsistent across pages, and there is:

o Home page. o Use of fonts. o Text heavy. o Depressing.

Digital Strategic Plan: Findings & Recommendations

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