IT DSP Findings & Recommendations

Findings and Recommendations City of Berkeley: Digital Strategic Plan and Cost Allocation Plan

October 17, 2016 v5.1

 The City’s website does present the constituents point of view.  There is a lack of a clear information architecture for persons who do not work in the City.  There is duplicate information in several places of the website, and they may not match.  Website does not use responsive design.  Cannot search the website.  The lack of website e-commerce/transactional service delivery functions.  Template for division home pages is too text heavy.  Cannot print printer friendly pages.  Stale content: o The City website has approximately 15,000 pages, some which may be significantly out of date. o The website has had information posted for 15 years, o Do not update content, sometimes for decades.  Links are invalid because they are not updated.  The website is organization chart driven, not customer centric. The City thinks of the website as an internal communication tool.  Operational issues identified by staff  There is a lack of ownership of the website.  There is a lack of staff capacity to support the website, even though departments own their sections.  Departments are not well versed in making the web pages’ customer friendly from a visual design standpoint.  The City does not understand the web is meant to be a graphical interface to customers, the city lacks a web master.  Training provided to staff that do the posting is very short, and addresses mechanics only - not content. It does not cover ADA compliance.  There is a lack of quality control/preview of pages prior to posting  Most staff do not have HTML training.  There are multiple editors with no final review.  Low level staff with authority are in change of putting content on the web, are overwritten by supervisors.  Does not address the goals to be accomplished by departments.  Departments, and the City as a whole, do not have someone responsible for the website.  Do not have time to innovate on the web.  The City does not have a graphic designer for the web. According to management and City staff, this results in the following:  Website impacts:  Customers cannot use the website.  The website is unfriendly to use for people/users.  Poor staff morale.  The lack of responsive design results in the majority of devices people use cannot access the website, which creates an equity issue.  The lack of website consistency, the website is not ADA compliant.  Paper is wasted due to problems related to printing.  Public perception (i.e. depressing, and embarrassing).

Digital Strategic Plan: Findings & Recommendations

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