IT DSP Findings & Recommendations

Findings and Recommendations City of Berkeley: Digital Strategic Plan and Cost Allocation Plan

October 17, 2016 v5.1

 Uses are not getting informed quickly or do not get information at all.  Impact on economic development.  Extra time/money for customer.  Public does not use the site because it takes too much time and information.  Calls to the City.  The public's trust in the website is decreased.  The public has to come to city for services.  Less dynamic website, not leveraging the software, and help desk time.  Operational impacts:  Anarchy, pages do not get updated or coordinated.  There is no knowledge that information is valid and has poor quality control.  The lack of accountability. Recommendations:  Carry out a detailed website design assessment and use the out for the development of a Website Redesign Request for Proposal.  Implement a new website/website design that is customer centric.  Adopt a standard style guide/template.  Carry out a content inventory and purge outdated content.  Adopt responsive design.  Use new tools, i.e., Social Media, to foster public engagement.  Enhance the City Intranet.  Prioritize and fund the City Website as a primary tool for community engagement, information dissemination and online service delivery; educate executives.  Adopt a policy that fosters community engagement.  Articulate a governance process linked with the new CMS.  Provide technical, ongoing role-based training to staff based on their role in interfacing with the Website. The Training should include design concepts, reference guides, content strategy, and writing.  Establish a Website User Group.  Hire/contract a visual designer at the City with good visual design skills and knowledge of website best practices. Work with department too. . Benefits:  User friendly online applications and services.  Enhanced customer convenience.  A virtual City Hall that never closes.  Business friendly service delivery. A number of online E-Commerce applications were identified in the course of the project; most were part of a departmental or enterprise solutions. The online staff and management survey also identified a number of online apps. Although there is no supporting data for these initiatives, as with initiatives identified in Rapid Workflow ® workshops, ThirdWave believes they are valid and would raise the City’s E-Government Maturity level. Findings:  The City’s website currently has a negligible number of E-Commerce applications.

E GOV 3 E-Government Applications

Digital Strategic Plan: Findings & Recommendations

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