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Findings and Recommendations City of Berkeley: Digital Strategic Plan and Cost Allocation Plan

October 17, 2016 v5.1

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Health, Housing & Community Services Grant Time Tracking Application [6] Findings: The Health, Housing & Community Services (HHCS) Rapid Workflow ® workshop revealed a number of challenges with grant time tracking:  General Ledger (GL) does not match the time tracking tools.  There is a heavy reliance on hard copy that has to be routed, reviewed, and signed.  There are a number of parallel systems that are disconnected.  Information is hidden, i.e., staff distribution. Supervisors may not know it, and it is not easy to find out.  Filing hard copy timesheets, reviewing documents, i.e., Leave Slips and Functional Timesheets.  Dependence on staff knowledge and staff turnover; a new person may not know the next steps. The existing process is staff dependent. According to City staff, this results in the following:  Audit findings.  Possible loss of revenue.  Staff time; trying to get, communicate, and fix them.  Huge use of staff time versus spending time on serving the community.  Are paying staff to drive from remote satellite sites to the City.  Inefficiencies of documents being lost or misrouted.  Reporting/essential grant management is difficult and error prone.  Gives staff permission to not be engaged.  Staff frustration.  All of this takes a lot of time; staff begin to predict time/activities, which results in more inaccurate timesheets and corrections.  Space.  Time to file.  Pulling documents for audits.  Have to physically make copies or scans.  Disconnect of paper and data in systems, difficulty of keeping time data consistent.  When a Subject Matter Experts leaves the City, new staff has to figure it all out again, which is difficult. Recommendations:  Implement a Grant Time Tracking Application: Features/Functions:  Tracks time by activity across all programs, as defined by each program.  The GL would be informed by this application.  Provide ability to extract data in order to be in compliance with grant requirements.  User friendly for staff and supervisors; should be able to review and reconcile staff activities in the system.  Provide workflow automation.  Replace all existing time tracking tools. WIC, TCM, MCAH, CHDP, PHEP, NEOP, CLPP, MAA, Title V, Purple timesheet and the HHCS functional time card.  E-Signature.

Digital Strategic Plan: Findings & Recommendations

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