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Findings and Recommendations City of Berkeley: Digital Strategic Plan and Cost Allocation Plan

October 17, 2016 v5.1

According to City staff, this results in the following:  The public is not getting what they are entitled to and poses legal exposure to the City.  Impacts public relations with constituents and community.  Puts pressure on City Attorney staff and results in unnecessary workload.  Staff time example - If staff have retired or are on vacation the City might not comply.  Slow response.  Potential non-compliance and lost documents. Recommendations:  Provide more staff training on the PRA process and requirements, in addition to identifying consequences when PRA requirements are not met. For instance, make checking the File Trail part of each PRA request response.  Adopt and leverage the City’s exiting OnBase System:  Develop and adopt a city-wide taxonomy (content management indexing standard).  Replace the use of shared drives with OnBase.  Use OnBase to help manage (store and access) the documents in this process.  Adopt the City Clerk’s retention schedule via the OnBase Records Management software module.  Assign a DBA to support the OnBase Enterprise Content Management System.  Explore the possibility of replacing Lagan to meet the broader requirements of an enterprise PRA application meeting the needs of all departments, including the Police Department (described in the solution below). Benefits:

 Compliance with the law.  Reduce the City's legal risk.  Time savings, for both City Attorney and department staff.  Better appearance and reputation of the City. D SW 13 Police Department Public Records Act Request [12] Findings:

 The Police Department Public Records Request Rapid Workflow ® workshop and Management Interview revealed a number of challenges with responding to Public Records Requests:  Looking in two different systems to locate property.  Looking into three systems for records.  Having records kept in other departments that should be kept in the Records Division.  Internal requests received in other work groups of the Police Department.  Duplicate fax requests are received internally.  The Blue Sheets can trigger duplication of effort by different Police Department staff.  Inability to run department specific reports.  Manually redacting documents.  The existing process does not support high level situational awareness. According to City staff, this results in the following:  Wasted time (1 hr/wk.) for Property Room staff.  May skip over data/accuracy. Because of different ways to search in the systems.

Digital Strategic Plan: Findings & Recommendations

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