IT DSP Findings & Recommendations

Findings and Recommendations City of Berkeley: Digital Strategic Plan and Cost Allocation Plan

October 17, 2016 v5.1

 The City has a number of new members on its leadership team, which has infused the City with a fresh set of progressive perspectives. Many City department heads are exceedingly capable and share a common vision to enhance the City’s Information Technologies.  City staff have a strong level of professionalism, with a conscientious commitment to delivering exemplary services to the residents, businesses and visitors that visit the City of Berkeley.  The City is the recent recipient of a Rockefeller Foundation grant, which aligns most to goal #5 of the City’s Cyber and Infrastructure Resilience Strategy, related to improving major City Information Technology systems.  The City’s relatively new IT Director has brought a new level of energy and rigor to reshaping the IT organization, and the City’s Information technologies, into a highly responsive and innovative resource to City Departments and the Berkeley community. The DSP Roadmap focuses on improving the status quo and articulating a path for becoming an exceptional city, and is comprised of two complementary volumes: Volume 1: DSP Roadmap Finding & Recommendations, identifying a comprehensive set of possible management, business process improvement, and Information Technology initiatives (this document); and, Volume 2: DSP 5 Year Implementation Roadmap , providing the final proposed and prioritized initiatives, budget estimate, 5-year timeline, and Cost Allocation Plan for implementing the Roadmap (a separate document). The challenge of adopting, funding and implementing a DSP Roadmap is a formidable one. However, given its 5-year timeline, there is plenty of latitude to execute the technology initiatives identified in the DSP. The DSP Roadmap is a living document that can be (and should be) reviewed and adjusted on a yearly basis. It provides an opportunity for new, more efficient ways of providing services - coupled with strategic investments in technology . The cornerstone of the DSP Roadmap is to ensure that investments in strategic business technologies are sound and deliver the highest possible value to the City and its constituents. Additionally, the DSP Roadmap aligns with, and supports, the City of Berkeley’s Strategic Plan. Moreover, this document provides a wealth of data that can be leveraged over the next five years to facilitate excellence in municipal services, civic participation, and community wellbeing. We’d like to extend our appreciation to the City Council for supporting this important initiative, the City Manager, Department heads and staff at the City of Berkeley for their engagement and valuable input.

Roy R. Hernández Founder, President & CEO

Digital Strategic Plan: Findings & Recommendations

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