IT DSP Findings & Recommendations

Findings and Recommendations City of Berkeley: Digital Strategic Plan and Cost Allocation Plan

October 17, 2016 v5.1

D SW 16 311 Call Center

Digital Strategic Plan: Findings & Recommendations © 2016 67 ThirdWave Corp 11400 W. Olympic Blvd. Suite 200 Los Angeles CA 90064 310.914.0186 V 310.312.9513 F Lagan is a very complicated backend system: municipalities often have several IT staff support it. The City has .25 FTE. (This group lost an IT resource because they were funded by another department.)  Development can’t be electronically migrated into the production environment.  Cannot reclassify cases in V-7, but can with upgrade to V-14. IT lacks the staff resources to complete the upgrade to V-14.  Lagan lacks reporting capabilities.  Lagan lacks a dashboard.  Lagan does not have a mobile app; it uses a third party app (Click Fix), which is not fully integrated with Lagan.  Lack of ability to identify duplicate cases in V7  Lack of ability to identify duplicate customer records  Back end maintenance of the knowledge system challenging. The 311 Call Center is the centralized call center for City of Berkeley. The group answers twelve (12) City lines, and is presented with approximately 95,000 calls per year. 311 is the alternative to 911 calls for non-urgent police matters. City staff who support this function have to know allot about the entire City. The group uses Lagan, a Customer Relationship Management application, to track calls and “swivel chair” back office applications such as FUND$, Accela, etc., using dual screens. 311 Call Center staff use a CRM knowledge-base, Google, and other sources to get information. The system was implement in 2007. The City is currently migrating from V7 to V14 which is 3 versions difference not 7. According to IT Staff, it’s taken a long time because of vendor and City staff availability. (Note: given the implementation and Project Management approach identified in the course of the DSP project on other systems, ThirdWave cannot state that this is, in fact, the cause for the delay.) The IT Focus Group on the 311 Call Center identified challenges in several key areas: Technology:  Lagan technology is not meeting the City’s needs.  Inability to find documents quickly on shared drives. Operational and policy:  311 Staff levels are limiting the ability to maintain the City goal of a 95% answer rate  Need for City department staff training  311 operating hours Each one of these is addressed individually below. Findings: The 311 Call Center IT Focus Groups revealed a number of challenges:  Lagan is not meeting the City's needs.  Lagan is not easy to use.  Lagan is not fulfilling the City’s needs, requiring a larger investment in staff time and increased support costs.  Some script flows are no longer valid. 

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