IT DSP Findings & Recommendations

Findings and Recommendations City of Berkeley: Digital Strategic Plan and Cost Allocation Plan

October 17, 2016 v5.1

 Unable to find accurate and timely information.  Unable to find historical documents, may have to start over.  It is difficult to share files.  Lagan cannot index the City website for knowledgebase. According to City IT staff, the inability to find documents results in the following:  Lack of productivity.  Staff time finding documents.  Adds to customer hold time/delays in resolving call Recommendations:  Replace the existing Lagan system with a CRM system.  Implement a good repository for knowledge documents.  Expand capabilities and use of OnBase ECMS as an enterprise repository of City documents and records. Benefits:  Improved customer service.  Staff time savings. Operational Challenges:  Staffing levels are limiting the ability to maintain a City goal of 95% answer rate  311 is so tightly staffed that if someone is absent or sick, end up with a high volume.  There are not any back up 311 staff resources.  There are no growth opportunities for 311 staff.  It is difficult to recruit for 311.  311 staff is funded by departments; there are some small departments that would like their calls taken but can’t afford the cost.  Need for City department training commitment  Lack training opportunities on new policies, procedures or programs for the other departments (specifically departments they support).  Client departments find it difficult to immediately transfer the Community member call when 311 cannot resolve issue or when we do not have the resources to resolve, however the Client department has the knowledge.  The client department does not inform 311 staff of closed requests.  311 operating hours  311 staffing hours do not allow for staff to communicate with management or work cases within their personal queues. Center operation hours are 8am - 5pm. 311 Staff logs into phone system at 8am and logs out at 5pm resulting in no off phone time to work cases in 311 or personal queue.  311 CSR (Customer Service Representative) also balances the credit card machine after 5 pm, resulting in staff leaving after scheduled work hours. According to City IT staff, the foregoing results in the following:  Limited 311 staff levels result in:  Missed calls, long wait queues, high abandoned rate and exhausted staff.  Affects customer services.  Only one person can be on vacation at a time, which leads to low morale, staff burn out and staff call in sick.  Lack of department training results in:

Digital Strategic Plan: Findings & Recommendations

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