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Findings and Recommendations City of Berkeley: Digital Strategic Plan and Cost Allocation Plan

October 17, 2016 v5.1

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Enterprise Taxonomy Enterprise taxonomy is a high-level hierarchical classification of electronic content facilitating the management and disposition of electronic documents/records, digital photographs, digital video, and/or digital recordings throughout their lifecycle. Taxonomy classifies documents and other digital content into logical groups/subgroups in an Enterprise Content Management System (ECMS) in a manner that is responsive to how information is used by various business units. A standard taxonomy facilitates fast and easy access to content by both staff and the public, when made available via web access. Findings:  The City Attorney Public Records Request Rapid Workflow ® workshop revealed a number of challenges:  Folders/documents in shared drives can be easily lost when they can be moved or deleted.  Standard naming conventions do not exist, or are inconsistent at best.  The City Attorney noted that document management is a challenge because each department, and each attorney in their department, has their own methods for storing documents.  The Human Resources (HR) Workman’s Compensation workshop noted that documents saved in a shared drive are a challenge:  They do not trust the completeness of the documents and the folder structure is not standardized.  HR staff have to call Third Party Administrators (TPA) to obtain current medical records because HR cannot find their copies, which is embarrassing and does reflect well on the City’s abilities to manage documents.  More generally, departments not using the OnBase system are experiencing the common shortcomings of using shared drives, which make it easy to lose folders/documents, they can be moved/deleted and/or there are no standard naming conventions, or existing conventions are inconsistent.

According to City staff, this results in the following:  Potential Noncompliance and lost documents.  Inefficient use of staff time to find information.

 Impact Third Party Administrators by resending documents to HR.  When staff leave the City it is difficult to decipher their filing system.  There is a lack of transparency.  It is difficult to make content available to the public.

Recommendations:  Validate that departments currently using OnBase are using a standard enterprise taxonomy.  Develop a standard taxonomy (document indexing scheme) and updated records retention schedule for storing and accessing documents/records in a fast and easy manner - prior to

rolling out the systems (both are best practices).  Carry out a physical documentary inventory.  Develop a taxonomy:

Digital Strategic Plan: Findings & Recommendations

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