IT DSP Findings & Recommendations

Findings and Recommendations City of Berkeley: Digital Strategic Plan and Cost Allocation Plan

October 17, 2016 v5.1

 Reduced complaints to Council, happier consumers and reduced phone calls to City staff.  Better scheduling and use of resources and Just-in-Time (JIT) inventory.  24/7 customer service.  Prioritized/better informed decisions. The asset management requirements identified by the City Auditor and Public Works workshops above will be combined into one initiative in the DSP Roadmap. Contract Management issues were identified in Rapid Workflow ® workshops (Health, Housing & Community Services Contract Management and Office of Economic Development) as well as the Management Interviews (Health, Housing & Community Services Contract Management and City Auditor) The Health, Housing & Community Services Contract Management Rapid Workflow ® workshop revealed the following challenges:  Staff involved in this process are not getting all documents timely or are very late.  Documents are not filled out correctly.  There is an inability to consistently identify when a contract has been stalled.  It takes time to receive insurance documents for the City of Berkeley from insurance companies.  The time it takes to decide what documents are required for a specific contract.  Assembling the contract is time consuming, not enough staff time to do this.  At any point in the process, a contract can be kicked back to any prior point.  The vendor does not think about the insurance amounts.  There is no consistent way to close the loop to the Project Manager that the contract is finally executed.  This process requires a lot of walking around.  The existing process is a paper intensive process, and not automated. According to City staff, this results in the following:  Not getting all documents slows down the whole process.  Sometimes there are arguments with vendors.  Sometimes staff cannot execute a contract, lose funds or not get their work done.  Staff time to figure when a contract has stalled, and walking to other staff desks’.  Determining what documents go in a contract slows down the process.  The inability to close the loop with the Project Manager can delay the start of contracted work.  Verify the status of contracts takes staff time.  Walking around in this process takes up staff time for the supervisor and staff, creating a potential for loss and errors.


E SW 10 Contract Management [13] Findings:

Digital Strategic Plan: Findings & Recommendations

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