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The Greatest Things About Being a Working Parent

One of the greatest things about being a father is watching my kids learn and grow. All parents want to see their kids succeed and lead a happy life — and most do everything they can to put their children on that path. Education is a big part of that, but so is spending time together. I do what I can to spend time with my kids every single day. Before I head off to the office, we spend the morning together. When I get home from the office, we spend part of the evening together. Whether we’re having meals together, reading, or playing, I always make room for quality time. When you’re a professional working during the week (and even the weekend), it can be difficult to make that time. But that is what makes the moments we do spend together so special. Watching your kids grow and learn about the world around them is so satisfying. My kids are 4 and 7 and well into the age of discovery. Everything about the world is so fascinating to them. There is something new to discover around every corner. are not afraid to get their hands absolutely filthy. We recently took a long weekend out to Deep Creek Lake in western Maryland. The kids had the time of their lives running through the trees, finding bugs, and immersing themselves in nature. They love getting out into nature and digging around in the dirt. They

I’m excited to take them to North Carolina. This summer, our family will be heading to the beach! We’ll get together with my parents and my sister and her family. It should be a good time and will certainly be an adventure for the kids. Being a working parent is bittersweet. Even when you try to be involved, it can still feel like you’re watching your kids grow up from a distance. This is something I see with a lot of busy professionals who are trying to balance career and family. They worry that they’ll miss something important, and chances are they will. It’s one of the realities of modern life.

working at the office, engaging with clients, and so forth, but I still get to watch my children grow up with my extra time. Even when I’m at work, they continue to grow and learn. I know that they will be just fine.

-Jeremy Wyatt

But they won’t miss everything. For me, I may spend much of my week

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