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Fall is widely known as the season of transition. As the trees begin to shed their leaves and the warm summer weather fades to cooler temperatures, it seems everyone starts to embrace change. This year, our physical therapy team is joining in. We are happy to announce we have changed our name from Activcore to Regenerative Physical Therapy and Wellness. “We are happy to announce that we have changed our name from Activcore to Regenerative Physical Therapy and Wellness.” While we’ve been affiliated with the Activcore franchise for quite some time, we decided that, since we share the mission of utilizing natural methods for healing, rehabilitation, and treatment with Regenerative Sport Spine & Spa, it was time the name of our office matches as well! In addition to this much-anticipated name change, we are excited to bring in some new services and tools. One of these is our instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization (IASTM), which is a manual therapy technique that involves specially designed instruments to assist in detecting and treating areas with chronic inflammation, soft tissue restriction, and scar tissue. This effective new technology will aid us in treating more of the injured population, specifically those who have sustained injuries from automobile accidents — a portion of the local population

for which we are hoping to provide more care. We are also going to be offering therapeutic cupping as a part of this transition as well.

While we are excited to introduce our new name,

tools, and expanded focus for past, current, and future clients,

we want you to know above all else that we will still provide the same personalized appointments with every client who walks through our door. We know that in order for us to provide options for physical rehabilitation and personal training, it’s imperative we spend one-on-one time with our clients to learn their story and how their body functions. I know how important this model of treatment is because I’ve suffered my own fair share of injuries, which led me to work with several physical therapy teams. When I was 19, I was in a snowboarding accident that caused my board to slide right out from under me. As I fell, I landed on my arm, which was outstretched behind me. In excruciating pain, I came down the mountain and discovered that I had dislocated my shoulder. I did some rehabilitation to heal it, but I never really slowed down.

the issues, I’ve gained an empathetic perspective for my clients who come to me for help with their own injuries. When I wounded my shoulder initially, I didn’t think I had any other option but to get surgery. After years of experience working in this field, I’ve realized that so many people share this same mindset. You do have other more-natural healing options, and that’s what the entire Regenerative team can offer. To help us celebrate the unveiling of our new name, we hope you will consider joining us and a number of other local vendors for our upcoming (W)holistic Expo for Life Without Medicine, Surgery, and Debt on Oct. 26. Check inside the newsletter for more details! -Daniel Tribby

Then after two surgeries and hundreds of hours of physical therapy to try and correct



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The approach of Halloween almost always signals a trip to the nearest big-box store for an industrial-sized bag of candy to hand out to trick- or-treaters and fill party bowls. Attempts to opt out for your health can earn you dirty looks, concerned questions, and a less-than-stellar reputation as “that one house that hands out toothbrushes/apples/Tic Tacs” until you move. It can also be sad to dismiss tradition, particularly if you’d love some candy, too. So, what is a health-conscious cook to do? Well, one way to mix up your candy routine is by making your own. Though it won’t be healthy exactly , taking control of the food you eat has plenty of benefits. For one, homemade candy doesn’t need to have a long shelf life, so you can avoid the many preservatives in store-bought candy. You can also screen the other ingredients, choosing organic and local options to boost your vitamin intake. If you’re adventurous, try swapping in honey or maple syrup for sugar or experimenting with carob instead of chocolate. You can even integrate fruits and vegetables to reap their health benefits: Try dehydrated berries in chocolate bars or use vegetable juice to dye your taffy. While you’re at it, why not attempt your dream candy? If there’s a flavor combination you’ve always wished for, now is the time to make it happen. Just remember that innovation takes patience; you may need to give the recipe a few tries before it comes out just right. We have a lot of exciting news to announce this month! In addition to changing the name of our office to Regenerative Physical Therapy and Wellness, we’ve also started hosting an informative and hands-on monthly event. With this event, we aim to connect the members of our community with an approach to life that’s centered around promoting physical, mental, and emotional wellness. Everyone on our physical therapy team understands that, in the absence of helpful resources from holistic healing experts, life can grow more stressful at a seemingly unbridled rate. That’s why we’ve decided to host more events to connect both patients and experts in the medical industry with helpful resources. This month, we are happy to announce we are hosting our first Medical Industry Night on Oct. 17 from 6–8 p.m. For this event, we are inviting local medical professionals and members of the community to come down to our facility for an evening filled with interesting and educational information and decadent snacks and beverages. We’ll start the event with a tour of our facility, taking special care to discuss the details involved with our Redcord Suspension System. If you aren’t familiar with this method, you’re in for a treat! Without giving

Even your waistline can benefit from turning your kitchen into a candy factory, provided you don’t eat all of your creations. In fact, every step — and pot lifted and pan scrubbed — in the kitchen burns calories and leads to better fitness. Making your own Halloween candy does come with one big caveat: For many trick- or-treaters, hand-wrapped sweets aren’t always parent- approved. Tales of hidden razor blades have led many parents to inspect their kids’ Halloween candy and toss anything not industrially sealed. Still, if you know your neighbors well, you can certainly hand out your homemade goodies — and they’re sure to be a hit at Halloween parties.


everything away, we will tell you that we combine our suspension system with high levels of neuromuscular stimulation to restore patients’ stability, control, and strength. It’s something everyone should see at least once!

We’ll finish the evening by discussing our specialized approach to concierge

physical therapy, all while keeping you full of delicious hors d’oeuvres and wine!

Don’t forget to put our Medical

Industry Night on your calendar for Oct. 17. It’s an event you won’t want to miss! We look forward to seeing you there.



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With the 2019 NFL season officially in full swing, the throngs of excited fans who have spent the last several months excitedly counting down the days are finally able to participate in their favorite pre- and post- game rituals. Some a little closer to home might have taken their favorite Miami Dolphins jersey out of the closet, loaded up their grill with burgers and brats, and joined their family members and friends around the big screen to watch one of the greatest feats of human strength and competition. While football has been a constant source of entertainment for Americans over the last several decades, any fan will tell you that in recent years, the players have grown bigger, the hits have grown harder, and the injuries have become more prevalent. It’s for these reasons that hundreds of powerhouse players have turned to stem cell therapy to expedite their healing, lessen their recovery time, and avoid unnecessary and often invasive surgeries. Just as he led the Indianapolis Colts to many successful records throughout his career, Payton Manning was also a front-runner for stem cell treatment back in 2011. Prior to his final year of play, Manning reportedly received several injections in order to fast-track his recovery from neck surgery. Like Manning, Chicago Bears cornerback Prince

Amukamara utilized the anti-inflammatory and natural healing powers of stem cells to treat a broken metatarsal, an injury from which he struggled to fully recover until seeking out cutting-edge injections.

Former Arizona Cardinals running back Chris Johnson is also among the large group of athletes utilizing stem cell treatment for an efficient and effective recovery option. After tearing his meniscus in 2014, Johnson had stem cells from his bone marrow reinjected into his knee with the hope of expediting healing and rebuilding cartilage. He was able to return to the field for three more years of successful play. Dozens of other athletes (both in the NFL and in other professional leagues), like those previously mentioned, have harnessed the natural healing power of stem cell therapy to keep them out of surgery and on the field doing what they love. Even if you don’t have any Super Bowl trophies to your name, if you live an active lifestyle and/or have suffered an injury, you should seriously consider giving our office a call at 407- 730-5600. Our team can get you scheduled for a consultation with Dr. Cherukupally, our expert MD!

AND WORK THOSE GLUTES! TAKE A BREAK FROM READING ... Since we’ve given you lots of material to read already, why don’t you take a quick break? But don’t just sit there. There are many ways to get in an effective workout without leaving your chair. Use this break as an opportunity to work your glutes! 1. Start seated in a sturdy chair with your feet planted on the floor approximately hip-distance apart. 2. Using as little assistance from hands or arms as possible, engage your core, and tip forward from the hips as slowly as you can. 3. Press your weight through all four corners of your feet and push yourself to stand, extending your knees and hips fully. 4. Reverse the movement and as slowly as you stood up, press your hips back and bending your knees to carefully lower yourself back to a seated position.


This super easy and fun way to create homemade treats provides your kids with a

healthier and more delicious alternative to packaged industrial candy. As a bonus, making it is an awesome Halloween activity for your family to enjoy.


1 package melting chocolate

Assorted dried fruit, including apricots and mangoes


1. In a large saucepan, bring 1 inch of water to a boil.

2. Place a large, heatproof mixing bowl on top of saucepan so that no steam can escape. Place melting chocolate in mixing bowl and double boil until melted. 3. Dip half of each piece of fruit in chocolate before transferring to a parchment-lined baking sheet to rest. 4. Let cool for 10 minutes until chocolate solidifies. 5. Place in school lunches, serve at parties, and indulge in a few for yourself.

5. Repeat cycle 10 times.

Inspired by Food Network

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INSIDE 1. Join Us in Celebrating an Exciting Change for Our Physical Therapy Office! 2. Why You Should Make Your Own Halloween Candy 2. Don’t Miss Our Medical Industry Night on Oct. 17! 3. NFL Stars Are Harnessing the Power of Stem Cell Therapy! 3. Chocolate-Dipped Fruit

4. ‘Mr. October’: The Legendary Reggie Jackson


“I feel that the most important requirement in success is learning to overcome failure. You must learn to tolerate it, but never accept it.” –Reggie Jackson Some people shine brightest in the spotlight. When put to the test, they deliver every time. Baseball Hall of Famer Reggie Jackson is one of those people. During the sixth game of the 1977 World Series, Jackson hit three home runs in a row, securing the Yankees’ victory over the Dodgers and winning them their 21st World Series title. The legendary playoff game also earned Jackson the nickname “Mr. October,” which has stuck to this day. Like many stories of greatness, Jackson’s featured a lot of hard work behind the scenes. He dedicated himself to his sport and constantly worked to improve his play. Growing up, Jackson played baseball, basketball, and football and excelled at all three, though football was his strong suit. He was scouted and given opportunities to go pro straight out of high school, but, on the advice of his father, he went to college on a football scholarship. Thanks to a $5 bet, he tried out for the baseball team at Arizona State University and made it. Jackson was the first black person on the team, and, even though he experienced discrimination, he never let it stop him.

From the minor leagues into the majors, Jackson’s ambition got him through many tough

times, as did the constant support of his father and of Oakland A’s manager John

McNamara. Jackson always dreamed of playing for New York, and, eventually, his dream came true when he signed with the New York Yankees in 1976.

To this day, Jackson holds many prominent records, including being the first player to earn more than 100 home runs for three different teams (the A’s, Yankees, and Angels). He even has his own candy bar, the “Reggie! Bar,” which debuted during a Yankees game in 1978. Let’s see if any of this year’s playoff games stir up as much excitement as Reggie Jackson’s did in his heyday.



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