Annual Report 2015



Dear Friends: We would like to sincerely thank you—our volunteers, donors, sponsors, community partners, supporters, and staff—for playing an important role in helping Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) achieve 35 years of saving lives and serving people. There were several anniversary milestones that we celebrated together. MADD’s National Board of Directors expanded the mission statement to include “drugged driving,” which reads: “MADD’s mission is to end drunk driving, help fight drugged driving, support the victims of these violent crimes and prevent underage drinking.” In addition, we proudly announced the organization’s first ever tagline, “No More Victims® , ” which describes the highest calling of the organization and represents hope for all of us. As the national spokesperson representing victims across the country, we welcomed the 13 th MADD National President Colleen Sheehey- Church. Colleen is the first victim of drunk and drugged driving to serve as president. Colleen is passionate about helping prevent others from experiencing the tragic death or injury of a loved one to drunk and drugged driving. Her son, Dustin was killed at 18, while riding with a 19-year-old driver who had been drinking and using drugs. The car crashed into a river; the driver and another passenger survived, but not Dustin. He drowned due to a 100 percent preventable crime. Overwhelmed with grief, MADD was her lifeline and ray of hope. We are grateful that Colleen has turned her pain into purpose and shares her story across the country. While MADD’s 35 th anniversary year provided an historic opportunity to recognize our incredible volunteers and lifesaving progress; we have more work to do. We will never give up until we create a world of No More Victims®. Thank you again for your passion and compassion. We stand with you and for you always. Warmest Regards,

35 th Anniversary Highlights

Hon. David Strickland, Esq. Chairman of the Board Steven Benvenisti, Esq. Vice Chair Barbara Brodt Secretary Mahesh Shetty Treasurer

Mission expansion to include “help fight drugged driving” Launch of first-ever tagline, “No More Victims®” 500 volunteers, staff and supporters attend 35th Anniversary National Conference in Washington, DC

Brad Bulla Robert “Skip” Carter Heather Geronemus

Tara Kelley-Baker, Ph.D. Mary Klotzbach, M.S.N., R.N., A.C.M., C.C.M, Arkie Koehl Christopher Mann, Esq. Anne Taylor McCartt, Ph.D. Ron Medford Madalene Milano Col. Ron Replogle, Ret. Walter Rooney, M.D. Joseph Sikes Monica Vandehei

Global unveiling of the Driver Alcohol Detection System for Safety (DADSS) vehicle technology

Launch of interactive timeline at

National Day of Remembrance with more than 50 affiliates honoring victims and survivors

Hon. David Strickland, Esq. Chairman of the Board

Debbie Weir Chief Executive Officer

Colleen Sheehey-Church National President

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