2018 Memphis in May Real Estate Investment Summit and Tour of Homes


Practicing Perfection

Investor Insight from Abhi Golhar THINK REALTY COACH TALKS PRACTICE, PERFECTION, AND PERFORMANCE. remember when I got my first soccer trophy. Look be- low and you can see my thrilled, ecstatic little-kid face. There is even more to that supreme joy than you can see, too, because that trophy was not easily won. I was not, shall we say, a natural athlete. In fact, I was kind of slow, kind of unco- ordinated, and kind of terrible at soccer when I first started. I love this picture because that moment was pretty much pure ecstasy for me. It was the culmination of a lot of hard work, dedication, and self-discovery. When I won that trophy, I felt like I had reached the pin- nacle of my soccer-playing perfection. In some ways, if I’m by Abhi Golhar I

LIVE EVENT May 18-19, 2018 Memphis, TN

completely appropriate at this point that we are talking about trends. But it’s not enough to talk about trends. You have to act on them! Here are a few examples of trends that can (and should) guide your real estate investing actions: • Building permit “action” in your area • Employment numbers • Average household size in your target market • Mortgage interest rates • Average rental rates • Occupancy rates Whether you want to wholesale houses, rehab-to-rent, fix-and-flip, build-to-rent, build-to-retail, or invest in com- mercial or multifamily properties, these local trends matter. Taking the time to research them and perfect your knowledge about them will yield huge results for you. You will get better at understanding how your market works, which is good for your returns, and you will develop a reputation for your expertise, which is good for your network. And speaking of your network, one of my favorite things to do in real estate is partner up. You can get so much more done so much faster. The best way to have lots of options for partnering up, also known as joint venturing or “JVing,” is to have a reputation for knowing what you are talking about! Once you start to really understand how these trends are changing in your area, share that knowledge! You might start a meetup group, begin recording a podcast, make videos for YouTube, Facebook, or your personal website, or write arti- cles on the topic. If you are not creating content, no one will know who you are. Make sure your content spotlights just how good you are in your market, and the opportunities will pour in. •

honest, I had. I never really got anywhere close to being a sports superstar! What I learned along the way, though, was that the more I practiced, the closer to perfection I got and the more confident I felt. I also gained more influence over my peers and teammates. For a guy who loves to be the best and have

Friday, May 18 Education and BBQ

Saturday, May19 Bus Tour

9am - Learn from the top professionals in the turnkey industry. Speakers will include local market experts, local property management, investment lenders, and much more. 4pm - Join us for a VIP experience at the 2018 WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP BARBECUE COOKING CONTEST on the Mighty Mississippi River.

9am - Guests will board a luxury bus to tour the hottest markets in Memphis, TN and visit homes under renovation, new construction houses, and fully renovated properties, all available for purchase. Our team will personally walk you through the properties and will be standing by to answer any questions.

There I am with my blue ribbon and my trophy (left). I was never a soccer superstar, but I learned so much from the experience of learning to play.

the ability to improve all the people around him, it was pretty much heaven. I’ve brought that mindset to real estate as well.

PRACTICING TREND-BASED PERFECTION We’re coming up on the halfway point of 2018, and so it’s

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