Though the concept of infill development seems simple, the dynamics are quite complex. What should be noted about these types of infill projects is that they present greater complexity than building a new- gated community in the outskirts of town.”

infrastructure, and environmental elements take years and require great expertise. It pays to have the right team on your side in the development of infill projects. It takes more than a vision to ensure that infill projects succeed. Deciphering development codes, presenting an architecture that works with the environment, while ensuring there is sufficient infrastructure to support the project, all while reducing environmental impacts of the project, are key aspects a great design team evaluates. Where land prices are astronomical, every square foot of property counts. The complexity of design in metropolitan settings brings the need for experts who have dealt with such municipalities. Civil engineers like MFKessler

are tasked with fitting these new developments within the confines of previously developed land and to the complex municipal standards that govern such developments. Concepts such as mapping and boundary issues, traffic elements, and infrastructure to serve these new developments are complex. Over the years, our firm has helped many developers design and build these developments into cities across California and Nevada and we have assisted them in navigating the maze of overseeing agencies. Whether carving out a hillside to allow for a multi-story apartment complex, converting an abandoned car dealership center to a vibrant mid-density neighborhood, replacing a concrete box parking structure in downtown Los

Angeles with a sleek multi-component mixed-use high-rise, converting an asphalt parking lot in San Diego to a mid-rise residential development, or replacing single family homes with luxurious low-rise condominiums in Santa Monica and Newport Beach; we see a promising future for infill development projects in the urban planning landscape.

As Managing Principal of MFKessler, Ali Monshizadeh, P.E., is a registered Professional Engineer in California and Nevada with over 15 years of

experience, overseeing the firm’s engineering and surveying talent, day-to-day business operations, and clients’ needs. Co-Founder and fellow principal, Mark Fotohabadi, PhD, is a multidisciplinary hands-on entrepreneur and educator, responsible for business development and overall strategic growth of the firm.

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