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Trend Tracking: Eyes on Evolution in Real Estate

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our industry, the responsibility for self-education lies more heavily on the investor than ever. To meet this need, in our May 2018 Developing Trends issue, we’ve brought you: •  Diverse viewpoints from across the in- dustry on the best sectors and markets in which to invest •  Insight customized for individual investors from one of the traditionally “closed” sectors in the industry, institutional investing •  Late-breaking analysis of 2018 trends as they have emerged, both with and against expectations and professional predictions, over the first four months of the year At Think Realty, we consider it our responsi- bility as real estate investors to create and sustain an investing community that is self-regulating, self-educating, and constantly evolving to better serve its own needs and those of the broader housing community. To that end, we bring you the latest in practice, strategy, and purpose in real estate. Our commitment to you, in this and every issue, is to continue to “think realty” with your real estate investing success in mind at all times. •


eal estate investors today exist at a critical junction of

extreme automation, profoundly powerful and diverse economic forces, mass communication at near-instantaneous speeds, and completely unprecedented societal and cultural norms and changes.



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Here we sit, more complicated as a society and as an industry than ever before in history, placing our confidence in a foundation com- prised of one of the most solid, unchanging, scarce resources in the world: physical real estate. Thanks to this unique set of circumstances, the real estate investing space is in a state of evolution, even revolution, never previously seen in history. •  Never before have there been as many ef- fective, profitable strategies available to real estate investors. •  Never before has the financial barrier to entry into this sector been as low across the board. •  Never before have we, as investors, had such comprehensive access to information, edu- cation, and strategic development. With such evolution playing out daily in

CONTRIBUTING WRITERS Rosalind Booker, Becky Bower,

Christy Murdock Edgar, Abhi Golhar, Pamela J. Goodwin, William Griesmer, Gary Harper, Jenna Heneghan, Andrew Lanoie,

Linda Liberatore, Bruce McNeilage, Julie Ziglar Norman, Aaron Norris,

Kristina Phelan, CariAnn StewardJames Wachob, Kristin Weekley, Eddie Wilson, and Ingo Winzer.



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