KEVIN ORTNER Renters Warehouse


K evin Ortner, the CEO of Renters Warehouse, is in a unique position to “think big” about rental real estate. After all, his company spearheads one of the most effective, influen- tial outreach programs in the history of the industry via their far-reaching radio presence and Ortner’s own book, Rent Estate Revolution™ . Renters Warehouse itself works with more than 14,000 rental property owners and manages more than 22,000 rental properties across more than 20 states and 42 markets. Ortner and Renters Warehouse are not just working with the “big guns” in the industry, either. For Ortner, who himself relied on real estate to carry his family safety through the Great Recession when he lost his job as a corporate pilot, it's about helping every landlord and every portfolio. “We started out speaking to ‘accidental landlords’ who were struggling through the Great Recession and real estate down- turn - and couldn’t sell their home or would lose too much if they did. Often times these clients were left as if they had failed because they were financially compelled to rent their homes, rather than sell,” Ortner recalled. “Today, it’s a passion and a privilege to demonstrate how that ‘failure’ is actually the key to financial security and long-term wealth to people who never should have been so down on themselves in the first place. The next step, naturally, is to reach out to people who have no idea what kind of potential for a true financial turnaround lies in rental real estate ownership and help them really seize that concept and start to meet the goals we all have of caring for our families, supporting our passions, and

leaving truly meaningful legacies.” “One of the things that has been a personal mission for me is to bring the institutional level products to the individual, intentional investor,” he explained. “Whether you own two properties, 10, or 10,000, you deserve the type of financial reporting, the level of service and touch and – let’s be frank – the massive cost savings associated with working with a company that offers the benefits of scale.” Ortner, who owned and managed his own portfolio and then several thousand properties as a Renters Warehouse franchisee before taking on his current executive position, has firsthand knowledge of those “institutional” benefits and how they can improve the life and bottom line for a “smaller” landlord. “Say you have four properties and you manage them yourself,” he said. “Your scale is four. You might be able to ne- gotiate some discounts on maintenance or services, but those discounts will probably pale in comparison to what you might access across a portfolio of 20,000-plus properties. It’s not just discounts, either. Scale revolutionizes the way you can market your properties, charge rents, and manage those assets, and it provides you, a landlord with four properties, with access to the management insights that used to be available only to huge corporations with the financial wherewithal to hire full- time property management analysts and consultants. “It frees every investor to make the best decisions for their yields, their goals, and their personal investment strategies with the best insight available backing them.” • BUY NOW


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