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I f you’re reading this article, then the odds are pretty good you’re a real estate investor. Past that point, however, you become a mystery to most people, including the service providers who ought to know you the best. For example, do you think your homeowners’ insur- ance company knows (or cares) about the answers to the following questions? Be honest with yourself, no matter how painful. This is important. •  Do you own two properties, or 200? •  Are you a landlord or a fix-and- flipper? •  Do you prefer passive, turnkey investments or active, hands-on strategies? •  Have you owned your properties for 10 hours, 10 days, or 10 years? The list goes on and on, and every answer is the “right” answer for some sub-population of real estate investors. That, my friends, makes it very, very difficult for most homeowners’ in- surance companies to effectively work with investors. So, we’re happy to introduce ourselves: We’re a solution for you. We’re NREIG. NREIG is the National Real Estate In- surance Group, and we’ve been provid- ing custom insurance products to real estate investors and their very custom needs for nearly 20 years. We don’t just insure your properties from disaster. We also offer dozens of tailor-made solutions to your specific real estate in- vesting needs, strategies, and concerns. Here are just a few examples of what

From landlords to lenders, flippers to

Coverage for vacant, rehab and occupied properties

SHAWN WOEDL NREIG senior vice president of sales

funders, National Real Estate Insurance Group has real estate investors

Pay-as-you-go-monthly never pay for more coverage than you need

we offer, and I can state quite confidently you won’t find these types of offerings from other property insurers: • COVERAGE FOR ALL OF YOUR INVESTMENT PROPERTIES: vacant or occupied, renovated or under construction, leased to renters or creatively financed to owners. • COORDINATION FOR YOUR REAL ESTATE BUSINESS ENTITIES: multiple LLCs, trusts, IRAs, and corporations can all go on one schedule for easy tracking, and so can all of your different investment properties. •  COOPERATION WITH YOUR STATED INVESTING NEEDS: no need to co-insure when you meet certain minimum benchmarks, and you can pay-as-you- go monthly with no minimum earned premiums or long-term commitments. WHY DO WE DO THIS? Real estate investors are a unique

population, and that population drives so many facets of the national econo- my. It only makes sense that this vitally important group of professionals should have the best, most custom care and regard for their properties possible. Our clients say they “have never met anyone that knows what it is that we want AND NEED better than NREIG,” (Tom Olsen, Good Success Master- mind) and call us “the only people I’ve met in 25 years that can recommend the right insurance at the best price for the investor or landlord” (Vena Jones- Cox, owner of and founder of the Central Ohio Real Estate Entrepreneurs (COREE) in Ohio). If you are a real estate investor, NREIG was literally founded and designed with you in mind. Get to know us better (and let us build a custom coverage plan for you) by requesting a custom proposal – no strings attached – today. I can’t wait to “meet” you in person and start protecting your properties the right way. •

- like you - covered. We deliver custom insurance solutions across all 50 states.

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Insure multiple LLCs, trusts and corporations under one schedule

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National Real Estate Insurance Group is the nation’s leading agency offering coverage options for real estate investors across the country. Our lineup of products includes: REIGuard™, LandlordGuard, PMGuard, TurnkeyGuard, LenderGuard, and CommercialGuard.

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