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How Technology Has Changed Eversole Law Over the Past 10 Years 2019 has ended, which also means another decade has gone by. With the 2010s behind us, I find myself reflecting on the changes that have transpired over time. The first thing that comes to mind is how much technology has evolved. The improvement has been substantial and continues to advance with every passing year. However, if I'm going to write about how considerable those changes have been, I should illustrate from farther back in time. When I took over Fender & Associates 15 years ago, computers were dinosaurs compared to today. I inherited the firm's client information on Rolodex cards. Mountains of paper files were kept in boxes in the sheds next to my office. The computers were independent of each other — no such thing as a network. Shared information was by way of floppy disks. CDs were in their early stages. Software programs were just evolving to simplify the closing process, and there was no such thing as conducting business through email. Closing packages from banks were either personally delivered or received and returned by overnight mail. Documents that needed to be corrected were exchanged by facsimile. Remember that shrill sound of the fax machine doing its thing? Technology of 15 years ago seems so ancient now, but its progress has passed in the blink of an eye. Times were tough in 2010. Who can forget the 2008 crash in the market caused by lending institutions giving mortgages to those who, in reality, could not pay for them. As a result, the heavily regulated mortgage industry was being revamped as technology soared. We went from getting our computers fixed by a local technician to now needing a full-time information technology company to service our computers and fix network issues. Two years ago, we joined the cloud to save our data, and now we need substantial firewall protection to stay safe from hackers who want to steal identity information. In

January 2020

many ways, it seems we have gone from simple to complicated when technology was supposed to make complicated things simple.

Ten years ago, lenders were requiring borrowers to sign their closing documents in blue ink so originals were readily identifiable from the black and white copies. Now, copiers are so good it is hard to tell the difference between an original and a color copy. Scanners have replaced boxes of paper files. Shredders have replaced bonfires. It took 3–4 years to scan and organize the files from the shed for easy access in the cloud. It was tedious work, but well worth it. In the event of hurricanes or other catastrophic events, we once needed to stuff our files and equipment into the concrete block vault in my office and take the computers’ backup tapes with us to keep the data safe from damage or loss. Now, we no longer worry so much about losing our data to Mother Nature thanks to the cloud. It’s wondrous to see how far technology has come in the past decade. To think about what might lie ahead of us in the next 10 years boggles my simple mind. Happy New Year/New Decade!

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