Smart Real Estate Coach - May 2019

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JUST LIKE I’M PART OF THE FAMILY My Many Hats at Smart Real Estate Coach

With Mother’s Day fast approaching, millions of people around the world are making a point of spending a little extra time with their loved ones. Family has always played a fundamental role in my life, but up until the last two and a half years, I never imagined the significant place it would hold in my career. that Smart Real Estate Coach is most definitely a family business. Since Chris, his son Nick, his daughter Kayla, and his son-in-law Zach are all related, I was the first so-called outsider to join the team. But there has never been a moment when I felt like I wasn’t part of the family. I first heard of this company through my connection with Kayla, whom I met in college. I was pursuing a degree in marketing and business management while playing university-level soccer. As the business was growing, Kayla knew they needed extra hands in the office, so she asked me if I wanted to come in and help. Ever since that first day in the office, I’ve felt welcomed by the rest of the team as if I’d been there the whole time. If you’ve read through the last several editions of our newsletter, then you know

It’s somewhat difficult to pinpoint an exact job title for me, since I tend to wear many different hats. I’m in charge of managing the database and generating effective systems for our team and our Associates. I also work closely with our customer relationship management (CRM) programs to create email campaigns to aid with marketing efforts. For example, once you watch one of our webinars, you will receive an email offering you salient follow-up information. I’m the one who created the system to send those out automatically. Additionally, I answer all the support emails and calls from both existing and potential Associates. In fact, there have been several occasions when I received an inquiry, and the person on the other end of the line was shocked to discover that we didn’t have an automated system— they couldn’t believe that it was an actual person answering their call! Suffice it to say, whether you know it or not, I likely have a hand in your involvement with Smart Real Estate Coach. While I like to keep myself busy in the office, when I’m not there, I find ways to stay just as active. For example, to maintain my love of soccer, I found a league that I play in

frequently, though I typically refer to it as “my old lady league.” I coach the girls’ soccer team at my high school alma mater, too. I also recently got the opportunity to move into my grandfather’s house, so I’ve spent the greater part of the last year planning and completing renovations. I spend any extra time I have helping my family’s nonprofit, Three Angels Fund. We created the organization 10 years ago in honor of my nana and two aunts, who passed away from cancer one year after another. We raise money through donations to support locals who are going through cancer treatment. The money raised at the event directly benefits those in need and helps fund treatments for those going through cancer, as well as funding grants that help those who have fallen on hard times. If you would like to know more about Three Angels Fund, our CRM programs, or argue about the best soccer team, always feel free to let me know!

-Lauren Bulk



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