You may want to discuss a referral, with your nurse or doctor, to the Alberta Health Services (AHS) Rural Palliative Consultation Team from the Calgary Zone. They are a team of specialized nurses and doctors who provide con- sultative support to rural primary care nurses and doctors outside the Calgary city limits. Their goal is to improve palliative care and quality of life for people with a terminal illness.

Counsellors Counsellors, such as social workers, financial advisors and psychologists, help you and your caregivers cope with the impact of your illness. They are there to help you with many types of needs. These include emotional, financial and any practical needs. They can give you: • Individual and family counselling about coping with illness, loss and grief • Information about practical and financial resources • Information about hospice palliative care resources in our communities • Support with transitions from home to hospital and back again • Organizing family meetings with your health care team • Information about Advance Care Planning Physical and Occupational Therapists These therapists will check to see how well and how safely you move around and function. They also check to see how you manage your daily activities. This includes getting dressed and taking a bath. They may also recommend equipment to help you such as: • Wheelchairs and walkers • Bedside commodes • Hospital beds • Bath chairs Spiritual Care Spiritual care providers are there to help you find what you need and what is important to you. You do not need to belong to any specific religion to receive support. Spiritual care includes: • Exploring spiritual meaning in times of illness • Reflecting on how illness has changed your life, family and community

• Providing encouragement and support • Providing support for loss and grief • Providing a time for prayer, meditation and reflection

Dietitian Dietitians help you with nutritional needs due to your illness. They will make recommendations to help you keep the safest and most satisfying diet.

Respiratory Therapist Respiratory therapists may check to see if you need oxygen at home. They will also help you learn about fund- ing available for home oxygen.


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