❦ WHAT RESOURCES ARE AVAILABLE TO UNDERSTAND MY DISEASE MANAGEMENT? 1. Alberta Health Services (AHS): Advance Care Planning (ACP) is a way to help you think about, talk about and document your wishes for health care in the event that you become incapable of consenting to or refusing treatment or other care. • Advance Care planning to be discussed with family and members of your healthcare team. • Three general approaches to Goals of Care are: • Medical Care • Resuscitative Care • Comfort Care • Your goals of care are recorded on AHS forms and kept in a Green Sleeve (see image below) you keep and take to your healthcare providers. Every time you see a new doctor, take your Green Sleeve with you. For more information go to: • My Health Alberta - Green Sleeve video • Advance Care Planning •

The most common refrain is, “I’ll get to it, eventually”. An end-of-life conversation is an ongoing dialogue with your loved ones about values, goals, and beliefs. Get to know your family better today. Share your vision of what living well means to you. Ask loved ones what gives their lives meaning, or what they couldn’t imagine living without.

2. Rural Palliative Care Consultation Team (Alberta Health Services Calgary Zone) • Doctor and Nurse Specialists in hospice palliative care • When challenges arise for you, such as worsening of your physical condition, or emotional or psychological issues, this team can help • Please ask your doctor, or nurse, if you’d like a referral to this team • After Hours: 8 PM to 8 AM. Rural Home Care Nurse: 1-855-955-6665. Ask for the after-hours palliative care nurse. That nurse will offer phone advice, access the palliative doctor, if needed, or initiate help from EMS. That nurse will also notify our local Home Care team, who will follow-up with you the next day.


3. The Conversation Project: How to talk to your doctor about your end-of-life care to ensure your wishes for end-of-life care are known and understood by your caregivers. • Speak Up Website: • Conversation Project:


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