3. Caregivers Guide: A Handbook about End-of-Life Care The caregiver role is integral to end-of-life care. Taking on this role needs careful consideration with expecta- tions clearly outlined. The handbook below is an excellent resource for people in this role. Hard copies of the Guide eventually will be available at the PCSBV office.

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4. What to Expect When You Are Dying This document lists what changes you may experience as you approach the last few days or weeks of your life. when-a-person-is-dying.pdf

5. Are you at Risk of Falling? As your disease progresses you may experience weakness and balance issues. See this link for Finding Balance: Or, call Health Link at 811 (24 hours a day, 7 days a week)

6. Fatigue Most people with cancer, and other terminal illnesses, experience cancer- or disease-related fatigue, but each person’s experience is different. Knowing how to manage cancer related fatigue can improve your physical well-being and quality of life. • See here for how to manage cancer-related fatigue: • See Dr. Mike Evans video here for cancer-related fatigue: • See Dr. Mike Evans video “23 and ½ Hours”:


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