Right Now: Local Individual & Family Counselling Services

See list of spiritual resources on page 30 in Spiritual Care 101, 743 Railway Avenue, Canmore, AB Call: 403-678-4696 24 hour Help Line 1-866-332-2322 Self-referral call: 1-877-652-4700

No charge. Personal & cultural choice for spiritual support.

Local Pastors & Clergy

No charge. Professional social workers & psy- chologists. Special grief support for youth.

Canmore Mental Health Services

303 Lynx Street, Banff, AB Call: 403-762-4451 902 7 Avenue, Canmore, AB Call: 403-609-3743 Call: 403-678-7131 110 Bear Street, Banff AB Call: 403-762-1251

No charge. Professional social workers & psychologists .

Banff Mental Health Services

No charge. Coping with Loss and Grief work- shops. Runs twice a year. Also, one-on-one counselling. No charge. Grief Recovery Program. 8-week group sessions or 7-week individual sessions. Fee $250.

Town of Canmore FCSS

Town of Banff FCSS

Call: 403-609-0675 Banff and Canmore Call: 403-609-3044 Banff and Canmore Call: 403-678-7681 Banff and Canmore Call: 403-688-1033 Canmore

General + Grief Counselling. Approx. cost: $150+ per hour

Janet McLeod, Psychologist

General + Grief Counselling Approx. cost: $150+ per hour

Renee Jean Meggs, Psychologist

Tannis Brayer, Registered Professional Counsellor

General + Grief Counselling Approx. cost: $100+ per hour

General + Grief Counselling Approx. cost: $150+ per hour

Barb Dobson, Psychologist

Melissa & Michael Yudcovitch Canmore Counselling Margaret Claveau Canadian Certified Counsellor & Certified Grief Counsellor

General + Grief Counselling Approx. cost: $150+ per hour

Call: 403-609-9107

Call: 403-678-1927 Canmore

Grief & Loss Counselling Approx. cost: $150+ per hour

Call: 403-679-9033 Email: Web: www.patdoucettepsychologist. com

Pat Doucette, Psychologist

Grief Counselling

Maybe Later: Regional Support Services

Alberta Health Services Bob Glasgow Grief Support Centre

1820 Richmond Road SW, Calgary, AB Call: 403-955-8011

No charge. Individual counselling up to 8 weeks. Group support groups for 6 weeks.

Connects you to community, social and gov- ernment resources.

Banff, Canmore, Big Horn Regions Call 211, 24 hours a day

Sonya Jakubec P: 403-440-5075 Call: 403-256-3820

Walking With Grief Together (in Fish Creek Park)

Provided by Alberta Parks, Mount Royal Uni- versity and Friends of Fish Creek Park.

A monthly support group for parents (and their surviving children) after the death of their child.

Compassionate Friends


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