e. Kitchen Table Wisdom: Rachel Naomi Renen f. On Grief and Grieving: Finding the Meaning Grief Through the 5 Stages of Loss: Elizabeth Kübler-Ross g. Our Shared Journey: A Guide to Manage Stress and Sleep; Guide on Grieving and Healing; Guide to Our

Relationships: Canadian Hospice Palliative Care Association h. Talking About Death Won’t Kill You: Dr. Kathy Kortes-Miller i. Tear Soup (good for kids): Pat Schwiebert, Chuck DeKlyen j. Tuesdays with Morrie: Mitch Albom

Please Don’t Ask Me If I’m Over It Yet by Rita Moran

PLEASE, don’t tell me at least you had her for so many years. What year would you choose for your child to die? PLEASE, don’t tell me God never gives us more than we can bear . PLEASE, just tell me you are sorry. PLEASE, just say you remember my child, if you do. PLEASE, just let me talk about my child. PLEASE, mention my child’s name. PLEASE, just let me cry.

PLEASE, don’t ask me if I’m over it yet. I’ ll never be over it. PLEASE, don’t tell me she’s in a better place. She isn’t with me. PLEASE, don’t say at least she isn’t suffering. I haven’t come to terms with why she had to suffer at all. PLEASE, don’t tell me you know how I feel Unless you have lost a child. PLEASE, don’t ask me if I feel better. Bereavement isn’t a condition that clears up.

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