Living with a terminal illness can often cause patients and families to feel isolated and distant from their commu- nities. But, communities often do astonishing things to support their friends, neighbours and the community as a whole. The table below identifies some community resources in the Bow Valley and the Calgary area that may benefit you and your family. The Book of Links, on page 65, provides additional electronic information for you.

This Section has information similar to that found in Social Services and Support on page 23, Spiritual Care and Support on page 29, Loss and Grief on page 41. Please check them out for more information.

**AHS = Alberta Health Services. FCSS = Family & Community Support Services. LPN = Licensed Practical Nurse SERVICES & SUPPORT ORGANIZATION CONTACT COMMENTS Local: Banff and Canmore

Call your Home Care nurse, 403-678- 7200, or GP, for more information. Funding is approved by Alberta Health Services Care Manager • 403-679-1529 • 403-688-6883 • P: 403-678-3002 #1, 1302 Bow Valley Trail, Canmore • P: 1-855-422-6633 E:

AHS: Rural Palliative Care In-Home Funding Program

Additional funding to help pal- liative patients stay at home

Nursing Care (additional)

• Cheryl Graham LPN

Professional foot and toenail care

Therapeutic Foot Care

• Brenda Bonnet

• Local: Medic Comforts

Valentina has operated this local store for decades

Medical Supplies and Equipment

• Online

AHS Volunteers provide supportive palliative care

Ask your nurse, or doctor for a palliative volunteer

• Canmore Hospital

• P: 403-678-7253

• TransParent Concierge

• P: 403-707-8184 Don Peterson

FCSS provides volunteer driver services


• FCSS Canmore • FCSS Banff

• P: 403-678-7130 • P: 403-762-1253

Sustainable travel option by car

Easiest way to share rides between cities


• FCSS Canmore

• P: 403-678-7130 community-services/emotional- support • P: 403-762-1253 ness-Program

Financial help for a host of services. Offers grief workshops etc.

Affordable Community Services

• FCSS Banff

• Canmore Hospital • Home Care

• P: 403-678-7253 • P: 403-678-7200

Talk to your nurse, or doctor about your need for this

Respite Care


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