Board Converting News, April 26, 2021

AICC Emerging Leaders Program Continues To Offer Learning, Networking Opportunities BY REBECCA RENDON The AICC Emerging Leaders (ELs) program continues to offer devel- opment opportunities through virtual and in-person events. Even with a hectic Covid-ridden year, the ELs have found creative ways to grow engagement and connect with each other.

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After the restructured program was announced in Spring 2020, the EL delegates faced the challenge of navigating the murky waters of increasing participation and engagement of members while in a pandemic. This restructured program focused on ELs taking initiative and helping to create the program that they were seeking. Opportuni- ties like writing articles for industry publications, speaking at industry meetings, or contributing to the program in other ways, was highly encouraged by delegates and program coordinators. “This is their opportunity to flex those creative muscles and get involved in an industry association and network with others who are like minded and are learning the industry,” said Daniel Brettschneider, Emerging Leaders Senior Delegate. Socially Distanced Networking Delegates gathered input from the EL Committee to create a plan moving forward, starting with networking and keeping ELs engaged with their group. The delegates planned several virtual trainings and networking events via Zoom. That first event planned was a virtual “field trip” that included a wine tasting led by Uncorked Winery. That event was very successful and was followed up by a virtual happy hour with members. Companies like Wasatch Container, Bay Cities, Carlisle Container and Southern Carton Company contributed in dif- ferent ways to create and mail “happy hour kits” to ELs, that included a snack, a beer, a bottle sanitizer and an invitation to join the ELs for a night of networking and catching up with each other. The kits served as a clever way to engage the group during state lockdowns. The net- working events were well attended and many ELs reported that it was “just nice to see familiar faces and connect, even if it was just virtually.” “We’re an industry that has historically based their whole sales ELs held networking and training events over Zoom during the pandemic.




April 26, 2021

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