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their role on the AICC Board of Directors, understand the current vision and initiatives, and learn from the Junior and Senior Delegates so they feel prepared to carry out the overall AICC Emerging Leaders’ mission. Each year a new freshman delegate will be elected and the former person in that role will move into the Junior Delegate position. The Senior Delegate role will serve as a position of guidance and leadership for the other two delegates and will “grad- uate” from the program after their term is complete. “We congratulate Lauren on this accomplishment and are excited to have her in this new role as freshman dele- gate,” says Cassi. Lauren is the Account Executive at Wasatch Container, a Salt Lake City custom packaging company, and is the daughter of Jerry Frisch, owner of Wasatch Container and a longstanding member of AICC. “I am excited for the opportunity to continue to grow the Emerging Leaders program. My goal is to install confi- dence and a strong passion for the packaging industry in our upcoming leaders,” says Lauren. Continuous Improvement From conception of the EL program, it’s continued to evolve and improve. The EL Delegates and committee members have re-evaluated the program as a whole, in an effort to take the already successful program and add more value to it.

“We looked at the benefits to the ELs, their compa- Wasatch Container, Bay Cities, Carlisle Container and South- ern Carton Company created and mailed ELs “happy hour kits.”


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April 26, 2021

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