Board Converting News, April 26, 2021

Changing Lanes To Move Forward BY RYAN CHAPPELL

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Editor’s Note: This is the final article written by Ryan for Board Converting News prior to his passing last month. We all remember the first car we drove. Comparing that to the car, truck or SUV we drive now is a nostalgic walk

back in time. We may say, “I can’t be- lieve I drove that.” No seat belts or air bags. Some had a stick shift and not very reliable. Many of them had “260 air conditioning.” Some of you know what I’m mean, but for the younger crowd, it was 2 windows down and 60 miles an hour.

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Ryan Chappell

Today’s cars are safer, more reliable and easier to drive than ever before. Most are quiet inside and very comfort- able. For many of us, they are a second office. Nice heated or cooled seats, radio/audio systems to hear hundreds of radio stations and podcasts. This is much more than the old AM/FM band offered. Our phones sync with our cars, and allow us to drive and talk, hands free. Perhaps we can be too comfortable. I’ve driven a truck before and I like its usefulness around the farm. Around where I live in Louisiana, trucks are everywhere. Some are truly used as work trucks. Many more are just because it is a “cool” thing to drive. Some guys have jacked up the truck with mud tires, and there is no way it will ever get off the road. There are a few younger truck drivers who will only learn from experience that just because you have a 4-wheel drive truck with mud tires, you can drive anywhere, no matter the road conditions. That’s simply not the case. This lesson is best taught late at night, when cold and dark, a quarter mile from hard pavement and they have to walk out, having fallen down twice, so they are completely cov- ered in cold wet mud. If learned in the summer time here in Louisiana, you will be joined in your journey by mos- quitos, and other kinds of biting, stinging and hanging on insects. And there is usually a snake or two. This is the voice of experience talking. The statement “Watch this. here hold my beer” usually precedes either of these events. Currently, I drive a Toyota Land Cruiser. I really like the older models from 40 plus years ago. But mine is more recent. It is solid. I justified the purchase by saying I have worked 40 years and fought cancer for 15, so now I am going to do something for me. It has a lot of features, but one I want to discuss is the automatic cruise control. You simply set the speed and it will hold that speed on the open road. As you’re coming up on a slower driver, the cruise control senses the car ahead and reduces speed to match the slower speed.

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April 26, 2021

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