Board Converting News, April 26, 2021

Introducing EMBA 215 QS Ultima ™

through non-crush technology. The new EMBA 215 QS Ultima ™ delivers reliable, high-volume production for your future operations. Inspired by the challenges of our customers, developed for ultimate results.

With EMBA 215 QS Ultima ™ , we are bringing our premium quality solutions to the 2.1 meter converting machine size segment. Powered by the patented Ultima ™ platform, designed for high running speeds and outstanding material quality

EMBA’s world first non-crush converting technology, the unique Ultima ™ feed unit and the acknowledged quick-set feature, makes the EMBA 175 QS Ultima ™ , EMBA 215 QS Ultima ™ and EMBA 245 QS Ultima ™ unbeatable.

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