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Packrite Virtual Tour At AICC Meeting To Feature Bobst Machinery High Point, North Carolina based, Packrite, LLC, a trade finisher for the corrugated and folding carton packaging industries, will conduct a virtual tour during the first Gen- eral Session of the AICC Spring Meeting in Amelia Island, Florida, on Monday, April 26, from 12:30 p.m. to 1:15 p.m. Premiered at the AICC Southeast Summit in Greens- boro, North Carolina, last month, Packrite’s COO and Man- ager, Michael Drummond will visually demonstrate the power and versatility of Packrite’s Bobst equipment: • Masterflute MF324 Asitrade Singleface-Laminator, the first of its kind in the world. • Expertflute 64” x 65” Asitrade Singleface-Laminator, a sheet to web laminator that can produce up to 10000 high quality sheets/hour. • Mastercut 2.1, which offers superior diecut quality, max- imum efficiency and large format sheet capabilities. • Mastercut 145, which offers superior diecut quality and maximized efficiency at a smaller sheet size. • Bobst Masterfold, which includes the patented Gyro- box rotator section. • Masterfold 130, engineered for to continually deliver maximum productivity and superior quality. Visit for more information on Pack- rite’s capabilities using Bobst equipment.

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“reduce costs”! This is a time to get close with your sup- pliers of not only boxes, but just about everything, and put them to work to help you get raw materials. Maybe there are some better and more available alternatives. Its also time for us (Bay Cities) to get excellent at Customer Ser- vice. Covid has kept everyone in the C(ovid) Cloud. We are coming out of the fog and up for air. It’s time to understand a couple of things about Bay Cit- ies. Everyone is in Sales. Production minus Sales equals Scrap. It’s time to brush off the dust and get to work. Bay Cities is working in our clients’ best behalf by investing in an enterprise plan to get us close to our clients so we can help them through what will be a very difficult time. This will be a time of explosive growth (experts are predicting 6.4 percent GDP in the US) coupled with wild commodity challenges, transportations issues, labor issues and who knows what’s next in the Covid cloud of dust left behind. Bay Cities will learn once again enterprise wide how to bend over backwards to help our clients win. We will educate them on what we see ahead and how to address those challenges and opportunities. We will develop sys- tems to help collect data for them so they can make win- ning decisions. We will get back to excellent world class Customer Service.

Greg Tucker is Chairman and CEO of Bay Cities.


April 26, 2021

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