Board Converting News, April 26, 2021

The Measure of Quality.

Cleanliness is next to... The dirty little secret in box printing is this: printers are so busy these days with customer demand, regular anilox cleaning is taking a back seat. Pinholing, bridging, mottling, dot gain , and just plain dirty prints are the prices to pay for irregular cleaning. Anilox cells plugged with stubborn dried ink reduce cell volume — and with it, print predictability. Now, you canwin the fight against filth — andmore —with GTT CORR anilox . Profitability.

GTT ’s open-channel geometry means faster and easier clean-up. But that’s only the beginning.Apex customers regularly report these GTT CORR benefits on-press: • Stronger solids and finer screens on combo jobs; • Quicker print speeds with consistent ink transfer across the board; • Reduced blade and plate pressure to fight fluting;



See for yourself how one top international box printer slashed deep- cleaning by more than half with GTT CORR . You don’t have to put up with dirty printing any longer. Download the free article — andmake cleaning easier.

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Technical Innovation Award

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