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demic, not least due to the spike in demand for working remotely and sharing jobs between factories to overcome supply chain instability. So here we are with the release of this new version of Automation Engine, which we now also roll out with a SaaS deployment option. Customers can benefit from new developments in user experience, either in an on-premise deployment or in a cloud deployment. To further underscore our intentions and plans for cloud-based software, we released a new white-paper ti- tled ‘Cloud Freedom’. And it does not come as a surprise that a number of important global market and industry drivers are the basis of an acceleration of workflow digiti- zation and automation.


Mitsubishi Heavy Industries America, Corrugated Machinery Division, is one of the most respected providers of corrugat- ing and boxmaking solutions in North and Central America. Leading-edge technology such as the Steady StaterTM Cor- rugating System, and our individual wet and dry end ma- chines and control systems deliver highest productivity with low waste and environmental impact. Our EVOL boxmaking machines have become the world standard for operational simplicity, quality and dependability. Complemented with an extensive parts and service program, For 85 years the Ohio Blow Pipe company and its whol- ly owned subsidiary, Advanced Airsystems, have provided the corrugated and folding carton industries with systems and products to process scrap. We engineer, fabricate, in- stall, service, provide system audits, and offer a wide range of scrap systems, dust collection systems and products to include cyclones, under roof AIR-SCREEN™ systems, pit belt systems, CLEANAIR dust collectors, Mist-Clone™ dust control systems for vacuum feeds, material handling fans, ductwork, switch valves, airveyors, balers, shredders and OHIO BLOW PIPE/ADVANCED AIRSYSTEMS OM Partners makes paper makers and packaging compa- nies more profitable and more efficient by optimizing their operations. By utilizing mathematical solvers and advanced technology, corrugated producers remark that their corru- gators and converting equipment run faster with less waste and higher on time delivery achievement within weeks after implementation. The OMP System consists of a comprehen- sive and fully integrated set of modules for order promising, forecasting, capacity planning, stock management, corru- gator optimization, production scheduling, transport plan- ning and automatic data collection. dust briquetters. OM PARTNERS

In general terms, it’s fair to say that supply chains across the world are very unstable and fragile. The just- in-time principle is under a lot of pressure, susceptible to the smallest hiccup in the sup-ply chain. And while we all immediately think about the impact of the global Covid pandemic, in the past 10 years we’ve seen many such in- cidents and accidents that created bottlenecks in supply chains - not only the supply of consumer goods, but also the supply of cartonboard and other substrates to the con- verters, and the supply of packaging to the filling lines of brand owners. Think of “accidents” like the recent prob- lem in Egypt’s Suez Canal, blocked by a huge container ship, or terrorist attacks, weather-related vulnerabilities, natural disasters like earthquakes and tsunamis, a volcano eruption in Iceland, globalization versus import and export protectionism, the list goes on. Packaging converters realize more and more they need to organize in function of these supply chain hiccups and invest in an infrastructure that allows them to respond very quickly. The cloud enables workflows to do exactly that. Q) What is the primary reason companies stumble in their planning to switch to a cloud-based operation? A) The white paper makes clear that driving company-wide transformation towards digital maturity is a multi-functional task, where the entire organization needs to engage if it is to truly receive the full suite of benefits on offer. It also


We custom design, install and service air conveyed scrap and dust collection systems. Our unique APS® is smaller, lighter, and more reliable than current cyclones. Contact us to learn how the APS® System can enhance your operation.


Profero Systems the leader in double facer heating and traction section conversions along with other performance enhancing products. Featuring products from Contact Bars and Compensating Rolls to New Glue Machines and Double Facers.



April 26, 2021

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