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friends, for sure, but most importantly, your family. Cherish every single moment that you have with them.” Russell High School Graduates Russell High School’s Class of 2018 num- CFSTTUVEFOUT JODMVEJOH4FSFOB.D*OUJSF  XJOOFSPGUIF(PWFSOPS(FOFSBMT.FEBM of Excellence, and Julia Amber Whisselle, this year’s recipient of the Lt-Governor’s Award. Everett Rama was named as the 2018 Valedictorian for Russell High School. “Students, as high school graduates, know that whatever you wish to pursue can be achieved with continued hard work and determination,” stated the ceremonial programme. “Remember to live your dreams, face every day with a positive outlook, and the world will be yours.”

The last days of school ended June 27 for more than 150 senior students at the two high schools in the Village of Russell. The main piece of advice for students at St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic High School is to keep things in perspective as they go through life. “Remember that when you set your goals, there is no right or wrong path that will get you there,” said Principal Danny Palumbo during his speeches to the graduating class of St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic High School. “Every path will bring you face to face with tough choices, and others will have obstacles and hurdles that you’ll need to overcome. Some of those challenges will make you want to turn around and walk back the other way. It’s these experiences that will define you as a person. These experiences of making tough choices and fighting through the trials and tribulations will give you the confidence, independence, and will serve you well as you go on to the next phase in your lives.”

Les mortiers volent lors du traditionnel lancer du chapeau qui clôt la cérémonie de remise des diplômes du Russell High School, le 27 juin. —photo Jane Lebel

Serena McIntire (left) receives the Governor General’s Medallion from Russell High School Principal Susan Rutters, during the June 27 graduation ceremony. —photo Jane Lebel

Toni Steele (right) receives the Governor General’s Medal for Excellence from Trustee Sue Wilson of the Catholic District School Board of Eastern Ontario, during the St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic High School Graduation celebration. —photo Luc Lentendre

La classe de 2018 entre dans l’auditorium pour la célébration de la remise des diplômes de St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic High School, le 27 juin. —photo Luc Lentendre

This year’s Class of 2018 for St. Thomas Aquinas numbers 76 students, including Toni Steele, this year’s recipient of the Governor (FOFSBMT.FEBMGPS&YDFMMFODFBOEUIF1SJO - DJQBMT"XBSE BOE3VUI.D(SFHPS UIJTZFBST recipient of the Lt-Governor’s Community Volunteer Award. Thomas Fitzpatrick gave the Valedictorian Address for the Class of 2018 of STACHS, with emphasis in his speech on the need for himself and his fellow graduates to maintain perspective as they carried on with their lives outside of high school. “Putting your worries in perspective makes you realize how well off we really are,” Fitzpatrick said. “Know your priorities, BOEGPDVTPOUIFUIJOHTUIBUEPNBUUFS:PVS


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