American Consequences - July 2018


There have been two power shifts in American history. Now, experts are predicting the third is starting to take place. With the Wall Street Journal reporting: “Forthefirsttimesincethediscovery of fire,thewayhumansgetenergyis settofundamentallychange.” The first power shift came in the 1840s when wood gave way to coal as a power source. Every great innovation of that era—from machine- driven factories, to transatlantic ocean liners, to the railroad that opened our nation—all thrived thanks to coal. It was a cheaper and far superior power source. Andrew Carnegie saw the shift happening and used coal to rewrite American Manufacturing history. In the process, he became the richest man in the world with a peak fortune of $309 billion in today’s dollars. That’s more than the wealth of Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates and Warren Buffett combined. And Carnegie wasn’t the only one to see the coming power shift. Andrew Mellon, best known as the 49th United States Secretary of the Treasury, used coal to create an entire industry. He went on to become one of the wealthiest men in the country with a peak fortune of roughly $63.2 America on Verge of Third Power Shift

billion in today’s dollars. On Oct. 1, 1908 the first Model-T was introduced. And the shift from coal to oil began in earnest. But decades before, John D. Rockefeller saw this shift coming and started Standard Oil in 1870. Standard grew so large it controlled 91% of all oil production in the country.

Rockefeller positioned himself ahead of the massive energy shift and was able to build an empire because of it. He

enjoyed an estimated wealth of $340 billion in today’s dollars. A new type of energy is starting to take over. It will power our businesses, our homes and our autos. Thanks to this new energy people around the world will live a healthier and more independent life. Technology will flourish. New innovations will be cheaper. And power bills will be cut to pennies. Further, it will be instrumental in saving innocent lives. Doctors estimate millions of folks will be given a second chance all thanks to this power shift. In this special presentation, Mr. Tucker shares the specifics of his breaking research. Including how smart investors can get ahead of the coming sea change. This huge power shift is already starting to take off. Click here to get the full details on a little-known way to position yourself ahead of the coming power shift.

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