American Consequences - July 2018

WHICH EVERY INVESTOR SHOULD READ Serious investors care about more than the markets. They care about the freedom that makes those markets work, and the wisdom behind that freedom. Serious investors also care about the things that threaten market freedom – such as foolish politics and ideology. Having investments is like having kids. You want them to grow and prosper, with liberty and responsibility. You don’t want them ruined by bad ideas... like getting a face tattoo. But being a serious investor often means a lot of reading. Sometimes it seems like you need a 48-hour day and an eight-day week to peruse all the research and analysis that’s available. Today, I’m going to suggest that you do even more reading – reading that won’t make you a penny... (But may save your sanity.) BOOKS THAT AREN'T ABOUT INVESTING

By P.J. O'Rourke

26 July 2018

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