American Consequences - July 2018


T his month, we’re bringing you our first- ever summer reading issue... But you won’t find any James Patterson or Danielle Steel on our list. Editor in Chief P.J. O’Rourke shows us just how much literature hates capitalism, and talks about three books, which aren’t about investing, that every investor should read. Turney Duff explores what Wall Street is reading, a list that (unsurprisingly) shares two titles with a review of the top Business best-sellers by The Weekly Standard’s Philip Terzian . P.J. tells us why we really should read Adam Smith’s The Wealth of Nations – all 900-plus pages – for not only a better understanding of economics, but also for the morality Smith conveys. We also feature some money-saving vacation tips and tricks from Dr. David Eifrig , including a way to vacation internationally at nearly half the usual cost. Best-selling author Robert Kiyosaki tells us how his childhood and service in the Marines shaped his investment outlook... and also one way that he is “very similar” to President Donald Trump. Lawyer James A. Goldston warns us that the recent rise of populism and autocracy are merely a byproduct of decades of underlying cronyism and government corruption.

Allianz’s Mohamed El-Erian explains why it may not be “Morning in America” for President Trump’s trade war... John Podhoretz shows us that sometimes even the best books make awful movie adaptations, and how some of our favorite blockbusters today were born from really bad writing. Investigative journalist Roddy Boyd reports on a questionable, FDA-approved “treatment” for Parkinson’s that has shown a 99.6% failure rate. We also hear what you , our readers, are reading... and the American Consequences staff weighs in with the books that changed our lives. Finally, former CIA analyst Buck Sexton explains that as far as trade wars go, China’s exploitative policies and tariff threats shouldn’t be a surprise... We hope you enjoy the issue. Read our longer articles in a web format at www. We’ve uploaded a PDF suitable for printing to our archive page. And tell us what you think at feedback@ Regards, Chris Gaarde Assistant Editor, American Consequences

4 July 2018

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