American Consequences - July 2018


Compiled By Steven Longenecker


You don't have to pack a doorstop for the beach or mountains this summer. Here are a few recent favorite articles worth reading in non-book form...

As the Federal Reserve and other central banks return interest rate policy to its historic norm, will the increased spending necessary to finance today’s massive debt impede economic growth? Has theWorld Been FittedWith a Debt Straightjacket? International Economy

Every year, literary agent John Brockman asks leading thinkers to answer one question, like “What do you believe is true even though you cannot prove it?” or “What should we be worried about?” This year, he announced he had run out of questions. Instead, he asked... 2018: What Is the Last Question? Edge

The story was ridiculous, differing only in its scale and exotic nature from countless others that offer “privileged” victims fabulous rewards. “It was bizarre, but it was brought to us in an extremely smart way. We were defrauded by very clever people... You always hear that about fraudsters, don’t you? They are charming people who know how to talk [others] into things. Later you say, ‘My God, how could I have?’” The ship tycoon, the con men, and a €100m scam Financial Times

In 1869, John Wesley Powell led nine men and four boats on the first documented descent through the Grand Canyon. As is made clear in this excerpt from The Promise of the Grand Canyon , it was a hell of a challenge. JohnWesley Powell’s Perilous Journey Down the Colorado Outside Magazine

A few of Encyclopaedia Britannica ’s famous readers and members of the “whole- set club,” on the occasion of its 250th anniversary. Encyclopedia Hounds Lapham’s Quarterly We haven’t simply changed our attitudes. We’ve voted with our feet, walking away from the institutions we supported for generations. Americans have lost faith in institutions. Don’t blame Trump Washington Post

68 July 2018

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