VITAGOS Technical Sheet

VITAGOS™ Osmolarity The osmolarity of VITAGOS™ is slightly higher than sucrose. The average osmolarity of 10% VITAGOS™ is 360.4 (mOsm) whereas 349 (mOsm) for 10% sucrose. The osmolarity is an important safety and quality measurement for sport nutrition and infant formula development. Sport and isotonic drinks usually have a pH value of 3-4. These beverages are generally formulated with sugar. Sugar is not stable at low pH and can be hydrolyzed at low pH therefore the number of osmoactive particles will increase. These osmoactive particles produced by hydrolyze; make the sport drink imbalance resulting in lower rehydration functionality (2). Protein Allergens VITAGOS™ is manufactured on a production line that processes only milk products. No other potentially allergenic substances are used. For due diligence purposes, Vitalus Nutrition Inc. determined the amount of casein, a major milk allergen, in VITAGOS™ by SDS-PAGE. No casein was detected (Detection limit <2.6ppm).

VITAGOS™ Toxicology Study The safety of VITAGOS™was determined in a corroborative OECD compliant 90-day repeat dose rat toxicology study. The No-Observed-Adverse-Effect-Level (NOAEL) for VITAGOS™ following oral gavage is estimated to be 4082 mg/kg body weight/day.

Note: This information is provided based on our best available knowledge. The data are solely considered as a source of information. It is suggested to evaluate VITAGOS™ prior to incorporating it into your specific application and verify your local regulatory requirements. For any further assistance or questions, please feel free to contact your Sales Representative. References: 1. Bureau of Nutritional Sciences, Food Directorate (2013) List of dietary fibres reviewed and accepted by Health Canada’s Food Directorate. Heath Products and Food Branch, Health Canada 2. S. Mettler et. al. ( 2006) Osmolality and pH of sport and other drinks available in Switzerland, Schweizerische Zeitschrift für «Sportmedizin und Sporttraumatologie», 54 (3), 92–95 3. Zhou Y et al. Safety evaluation of galacto-oliogosaccharides. Toxicology Research and Application. First published date: June-23-2017.

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