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COMING OUT OF COVID-19 HIBERNATION Well we have now officially entered Phase One of our state’s attempt at a return to normal. Our governor has replaced the Stay at Home order with the Safer at Home order. I know all of this can be confusing, frustrating, scary, exciting, and filled with anxiety. For some the change is a welcome sign that we will get our freedom, society and economy back on track. For others that are at higher risk for complications, this change may signal that we are underestimating the danger of the virus. Where ever you are on this spectrum, realize that we all have the increasing power to make individual decisions that best suit our wishes, lifestyle, and risk tolerance. Those of you that are higher risk will need to continue stay at home practices and social distancing. We should ALL continue to wear masks when we are in public and practice frequent hand washing and sanitizer use. We are moving from a red light to a yellow light. That mean’s caution. The light is not green yet! I think the financial world has the best saying for a time like this.......”Past performance is not indicative of future results”. We can think we know where this is going but we have to realize that

no one truly knows.

We have started to see our patients return toward a more normal routine of coming in for treatment. We do not know of any of our patients that have had the virus. Rest assured that we are taking every precaution possible to keep the clinic COVID-19 free. We are wearing masks, sanitizing, washing, and keeping our patients separated. We do believe that it is time for a return toward a more normal level of patient care. But always remember that you have the power and the ultimate decision on whether or not to get treatment. You must be safe particularly if you are at higher risk. Only you can turn the light from red to yellow to green. Call us at 719-694-8342 to schedule if you feel comfortable.

Tim Bonack


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