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Next Quarter Planning During this phase the sales manager and team member collaborate in a What-If scenario planning exercise to determine which improvement opportunity (KPI) will yield the greatest business impact. Each

improvement opportunity (KPI) is examined by itself (one at a time). Together, the sales manager and team member isolate the right one or two KPIs to focus on in the next quarter. Then they establish goals for the next quarter (from X to Y by when) along with the projected outcomes. III. Next Quarter Connecting/Accountability During this phase of the conversation the sales manager works with the team member to identify the sales activities and initiatives that, if improved, will have the greatest impact on the selected lead measures (High Priority KPIs). Together, they will also establish action steps and individual accountabilities for the next quarter. The Quarterly Action Plan becomes the primary coaching tool for the next quarter. The Quarterly Action Plan is updated by the coach periodically prior to Check-Ins by reviewing current scorecard data. The High Priority KPIs will also be supported with Skills Coaching and potentially team Skill Builders.  Pipeline Meeting The pipeline meeting is a 30-minute weekly meeting with the entire sales team to review sales opportunities potentially or currently in the pipeline as well as plans for moving them to the next stage. The focus is also key performance indicators (KPIs) such as time- in-stage, average time-to-close, attrition rates and win/loss ratios. During the meeting the sales manager recognizes individual performance, and encourages the sharing of best practices.  Skill Builder A Skill Builder is a 30 to 45-minute monthly meeting with all team members that focuses on a particular sales-related topic linked to high priority KPIs. During the meeting, the leader engages in one of the following interactive activities: competitor analysis, sales skill practice or problem solving related to the importance of meeting a client’s financial needs.

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