Weekly Flyer May 9-15, 2018


$ 5 EACH SAVE $4.99 Wild Caught Maine Lobster Tails 4 oz. 100% Traceable and Sustainably Sourced, No Water Additives or Preservatives

$ 6 EACH SAVE $2.99 Grass-Fed Organic Filet Mignon

5 oz., (Sold as 2, 5 oz. Filets for $12) Never Administered Antibiotics or Growth Hormones, Raised on 100% non-GMO Grass Pastures, High in Omega-3s and Conjugated Linoleic Acid

10/ $ 10 SAVE $4.90 on 10 Chocolate Dipped

$ 9 99/lb. SAVE up to $4/lb. Grass Fed Ribeyes or Strips Never Administered Antibiotics or Growth Hormones. Raised on 100% non-GMO Grass Pastures, High in Omega-3s and Conjugated Linoleic Acid

Organic Blueberries Half Pint

Strawberries From the Bakery

A good source of Vitamin C, fiber and antioxidants, with fewer than 100 calories per cup.

We use Callebout chocolate for all of our hand-dipped chocolate

strawberries, supporting sustainably grown cocoa. Available in dark and white chocolate.

$ 7 99 SAVE $2

$ 6 99 SAVE $6 Rich & Creamy Chardonnay

$ 14 99 Phalaenopsis Orchid Beautiful, healthy, & long-lasting orchids grown in a natural way. Potted in sustainable & renewable organic materials. Never injected with chemical dyes to enhance color. Grown in energy efficient greenhouse using solar heat.

$65 Full Case, SAVE $90.88

Chilean Sea Bass Portion From the Seafood Fresh Case 4 oz.

Rich & Spicy Cabernet 750 mL

This buttery, flaky fish is an Earth Fare customer favorite! Available in a convenient single serving, our fish is 100% sustainably sourced and additive free.

Bourbon barrel aging expands the flavors of dark cherries, blackberries and ripe plums to this Cabernet, while malolactic fermentation gives bright fruit flavors and creamy vanilla oak accents to this Chardonnay. $75.50 Full Case, SAVE $80.38 in OH

Mother’s Day Greeting Cards Using paper frommanaged forests, vegetable based inks and recycled paper envelopes.

20%OFF Aura Cacia Single Essential Oils & Blends Half Ounce, All Varieties Aura Cacia sources their ingredients from around the world to ensure quality, sustainability, and fair trade. They also test every shipment of raw materials received to verify its purity and quality. Discount Taken at Register

$ 6 99/lb. SAVE $4/lb. Cranberry Pecan Chicken Salad From the Deli Cranberries and pecans provide a slightly sweet and delicious flavor. Made

$ 7 99 SAVE $2

4-Inch Cakes From the Bakery All Varieties Our decorated cakes are made with cage-free eggs and without artificial colors


Fresh In-House, American Humane Certified Chicken, Never Administered Antibiotics or Growth Hormones.

or sweeteners. Try these delicious varieties: Strawberries & Cream Vanilla, Chocolate, Red Velvet, and Carrot Cake. Please allow 24 hours for special orders.

Decorate a Mini Cake for Mom, Saturday May 12th, 11:30 AM – 2:30 PM See local store for pricing and details. Limited availability.

Sales Valid Wednesday, May 9 – Tuesday, May 15

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