Capacity Releases

Capacity Release

Capacity Release – Offer STEP 1 Inform TransGas that you will be releasing some or all of your capacity to another party. STEP 2 Please notify TransGas of the meter, time frame, quantity and the party you wish to assign the transport to. TransGas will then prepare the assignment form according to your instructions and email the completed form to the appropriate customer. The customer will need to review the form, fill in the return date and send to TransGas Customer Services at STEP 3 TransGas will complete the OFFER side of the transaction for the customer and alert the party taking assignment that there is a capacity release ready for them to accept.

Capacity Release – Bids

Accepting a Capacity Release Assignee will receive an email stating there is a prearranged bid awaiting their acceptance. Go to QPTM Dash Board – click on the expandable menu Choose Capacity Release

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