Winter 2022

Give Your Sweetheart A Lasting Treat

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Winter 2022

Valentine’s Day

Yours for only $ 15 .00 SPECIAL OFFER with purchase of $30.00 or more. ($30.00 Retail Value)

My Love For You Continues To Grow Figurine A beautiful bouquet shows how love continues to bloom. Presenting heart-shaped rose bouquets to someone special, these sweeties deliver your loving message in a darling way. Bisque porcelain. 4.75"H. Girl | Brunette (shown) Exclusive | 212001D | $45.00 Girl | Blonde | 212001 | $45.00 Boy | Brunette Exclusive | 212002D | $45.00 Boy | Blond (shown) | 212002 | $45.00

You’re Bear-y Sweet Musical Snow Globe With a sweet sentiment printed on the base, this darling snow globe plays “Let Me Call You Sweetheart”. Inside, glitter swirls around an adorable teddy bear holding a heart that says “Be Mine”. Resin/Glass. 5.5"H. 219016 | $30.00 $15.00 EXCLUSIVE

Love You Bunches There’s no hiding how much love these sweet young messengers hold! A note is tucked into a huge bouquet of flowers that says “Love You Bunches!” Bisque porcelain. 5"H.

Girl | 216010 | $40.00 Boy | 216011 | $40.00 | 866-336-2554


Every DayWith You Is A Picnic Figurine Enjoy everyday moments like a picnic in the park with the one you love. This couple shows that all you need is a blanket, favorite foods, and great company to have a joyful afternoon. Bisque porcelain. 4"H. 212004 | $85.00

I Found My Sweetheart Figurine Show your sweetheart how you feel with this happy couple sharing a tender moment as they express their love for one another with a sweet treat. Bisque porcelain. 5.5"H. 212003 | $70.00 Personalized | $76.50

I Dolphin-ately Love You Figurine Enjoy an underwater love story! Tail fin to tail fin, this pair of playful dolphins share a love that is as deep as the sea. Bisque porcelain. 5"H. 209046 | $60.00 EXCLUSIVE


Customizable Figurine

This figurine is expertly hand-painted in your selected hair color and skin tone and shipped to you within 6-10 weeks. Order early to gift one for Valentine’s Day. Grey hair now available!

Choose one hair color and one skin tone option for each character.







You Keep My Heart Afloat Figurine The waters are calm, the swans are lovely, and this couple enjoying an afternoon in their paddleboat knows their love will always keep them afloat. Limited to only 1,500 pieces worldwide. Bisque porcelain. 9"L x 6.75"W x 5"H. 203001 | $140.00 EXCLUSIVE LIMITED EDITION


Founded In Faith, Joined In Love Customizable Figurine

Blessed are those who have come together in faith and are united by love. Side-by-side, this couple shares a tender moment as they sit on a beautiful wrought-iron bench. Bisque porcelain. 5"H. 219013 | $100.00 shown:

Girl - Blonde Hair/Light Skin Boy - Black Hair/Dark Skin

You Make My Heart Glow Figurine A romantic candlelit dinner is the ultimate date night! So clearly in love, this sweet couple shares a special meal, but the food is secondary to the company they share. Bisque porcelain. 5.5"H. 211034 | $95.00 Personalized | $101.50 | 866-336-2554


Love Is The Answer Figurine No matter the question, love is always the answer! Bisque porcelain. 4"H. 203003 | $85.00

You’re My RainbowAmong The Clouds Figurine When the days get cloudy, we turn to the ones who bring sunshine to our lives. Bisque porcelain. 6"H. 202004 | $85.00

I Love The Story Of Us Figurine It starts with a chance meeting and blossoms into a tale for the ages! Bisque porcelain. 5.5"H. 202003 | $80.00 Personalized | $86.50

May All OurWishes Come True Figurine So many beautiful possibilities lie ahead for a young couple in love. Bisque porcelain. 5"H. 203002 | $95.00

Personalize It See Page 20 for details.

Add a hand-painted name or date to your figurine.


Happy Love Day

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We Are Mint For Each Other Figurine Sharing a minty frozen treat at their favorite ice cream parlor, this couple finds such happiness in knowing they are truly meant for one another. Bisque porcelain. 5.5"H. 211032 | $75.00 Personalized | $81.50

I WuffYou So Much Figurine Sharing a common love for faithful, furry friends, this couple bonds over time spent with their pups and with each other. Bisque porcelain. 5.75"H. 193011 | $75.00

You’re My Passport To Happiness Figurine A journey with the one you love always makes the trip more enjoyable. Bisque porcelain. 5.5"H. 211033 | $80.00 Personalized | $86.50

Our Love Is Deeper Than The Ocean Figurine Preparing for a romantic kiss on a windswept beach, this sweet duo enjoys the ocean breeze and a cozy moment by the sea. They’ve etched a beautiful message in the sand. Bisque porcelain. 5"H. 183001 | $70.00 | 866-336-2554


Makes a thoughtful gift at deployment, at a reuniting, or for any special occasion.

I Only Have Pies For You Figurine With sweetness baked right in, this figurine is the perfect way to show someone you will never “dessert” them! Bisque porcelain. 6"H. 201032 | $81.00 Personalized | $87.50

You Are The Hero Of My Heart Figurine This figurine makes a special gift to the one who defends his nation and your heart, or for the one waiting for his safe return! Bisque porcelain. 5.5"H. 193010 | $70.00

We Are Picture Perfect Photo Frame Holds 4" x 6" photo. Resin/Glass. 6.5"H. 192407 | $31.00

Personalize It See Page 20 for details.

Add a hand-painted name or date to your figurine.

Contents not included. Each sold separately.


Anniversary Gifts

You Make Life Beautiful General Anniversary Figurine

Love You More Each Day Photo Frame Anniversaries are a celebration of lasting love, acknowledging that when you put in the effort, love grows more deeply with each passing day. This beautiful frame holds a 4" x 6" photo and perfectly honors the occasion. Bisque porcelain/Glass. 7.5"H. 203101 | $25.00

Each year spent together as a couple brings a deepened love for one another, a mutual understanding that comes through your shared experiences. This anniversary figurine honors another year of happiness! Bisque porcelain. 5.25"H. 202005 | $70.00

Through The Years General Anniversary Figurine Bisque porcelain. 5.75"H. 123019 | $71.00

Our LoveWas Meant To Be General Anniversary Figurine Bisque porcelain. 5.5"H. 115909 | $70.00 | 866-336-2554



This figurine is expertly hand-painted in your selected hair color and skin tone and shipped to you within 6-10 weeks. Customizable Figurine

You’re My Always Figurine A bride and groom sit upon a bench and gaze deeply into one another’s eyes, so happy that their wedding day has finally arrived! Bisque porcelain. 4.5"H. 212005 | $80.00

You’ll Always Be My Little Girl Figurine All eyes fall to the beautiful bride and her devoted dad as they share a touching dance. Bisque porcelain. 5.5"H. 202006 | $80.00

Best Day Ever Figurine Bisque porcelain. 7"H. 172007 | $75.00

Forever In Love Customizable Figurine Each couple’s love story is unique and beautiful in its own way. Sporting their brand new wedding bands, this happy couple raises their arms in joyful celebration of their love. Bisque porcelain. 5.5"H. 219014 | $100.00 shown: Girl - Brunette Hair/Medium Skin Boy - Brunette Hair/Light Skin EXCLUSIVE

My Daughter, My Pride, A Beautiful Bride Figurine

She was once her mother’s tiny bundle of joy, and now she stands before her as a breathtaking bride. Bisque porcelain/Fabric. 5.5"H. 153009 | $80.00 Personalized | $86.50


Show Your BFF Some Love

Customizable Figurine

This figurine is expertly hand-painted in your selected hair color and skin tone and shipped to you within 6-10 weeks. Grey hair now available!

I’ve Got Your Back Figurine Togetherness when you need it most is what true friendship is all about. It is comforting to know you always have someone to lean on, someone to lend an ear, and someone who always has your back. Bisque porcelain. 4.5"H. 203008 | $75.00

You’re The Sister I Chose Customizable Figurine Friends share a bond like sisters. This endearing figurine is perfect to customize to look like you and your BFF, making a treasured gift that represents your lifelong friendship. Bisque porcelain. 5.25"H. 219012 | $100.00 shown: Girl 1 - Red Hair/Light Skin Girl 2 - Blonde Hair/Light Skin EXCLUSIVE

Choose one hair color and one skin tone option for each character.

Here’s To A Lifetime Of Friendship Figurine Cheers to friendship! Raise a glass to a special friendship that stands the test of time. These two celebrate their differences and embrace their shared experiences. Bisque porcelain. 5"H. 202014 | $80.00 Personalized | $86.50






You Mean TheWorld To Me Figurine When someone is important to you, take every opportunity to let them know. Resin. 3"H. 203170 | $13.50 | 866-336-2554 10

Inspire And Uplift

You Rock! Figurine Let someone know they are amazing with a figurine that serves as a permanent reminder of how you feel. Upbeat in every way, it is a gift that shares a positive message of recognition and encouragement. Bisque porcelain. 5"H. Brunette Hair/Medium Skin | 216006 | $50.00 Blonde Hair/Light Skin | 216005 | $50.00 Personalized | $56.50

Dance Like No One Is Watching Figurine Moving to whatever sweet sounds of nature she hears, this free spirit frolics in a meadow of colorful wildflowers. This inspirational figurine encourages us to not live in fear of judgment from others, but to embrace all the simple joys in life. Bisque porcelain. 5.5"H. 212009 | $55.00

Reach For The Sky Figurine Cheering someone on costs nothing and is positively priceless. Encourage anyone with this peppy cheerleader that serves as a constant reminder you are always rooting for them. Bisque porcelain. 5.75"H. Blonde (shown) | 212014 | $50.00 Brunette Exclusive | 212014D | $50.00 Personalized | $56.50

Take Your Best Shot Figurine You’ll miss every shot you don’t take, so you might as well give it your all. Inspire someone to go for it, whether on the court or any area of life, with this uplifting basketball player figurine. Bisque porcelain. 5.75"H. Blonde Hair/Light Skin Exclusive (shown) | 212013D | $50.00 Brunette Hair/Light Skin | 212013 | $50.00 Brunette Hair/Medium Skin | 212013E | $50.00 Personalized | $56.50

Personalize It See Page 20 for details.

Add a hand-painted name or date to your figurine.


Gifts For Mom

First My Mother, Forever My Friend Figurine The bond between mother and daughter becomes even more beautiful over the years. Side-by-side on a bench, these two enjoy some much needed quality time together. Bisque porcelain. 4.5"H. 212006 | $75.00 Personalized | $81.50

You’re My Super Mom Figurine This mother proves that not all heroes wear capes! With all a mother does for her family, she certainly seems to be the “super-est” superhero around. Bisque porcelain. 5.5"H. Blonde Hair/Light Skin Exclusive (shown) | 212007D | $50.00 Brunette Hair/Light Skin | 212007 | $50.00 Brunette Hair/Dark Skin | 212007E | $50.00

The Toughest Job You’ll Ever Love Figurine No parent is perfect, but this figurine shows that a little patience and a sense of humor go a long way! It is the little moments like this that create a safe and happy childhood. Bisque porcelain. 3.75"H. 203013 | $65.00 Personalized | $71.50

Family Is A Blessing That Lasts Forever Figurine Bisque porcelain. 5"H. 173009 | $80.00 | 866-336-2554



This cute pair is the second in a series of four seasonally- inspired figurines.

AMessage Of Hope Figurine Limited to only 1,500 pieces worldwide. Master Sculptor Hiko Maeda was moved to create this stunning Limited Edition figurine to encourage those seeking prayers and God’s continued presence in their lives during these challenging times. Bisque porcelain. 7"L x 6"W x 9.75"H. 219024 | $125.00 EXCLUSIVE LIMITED EDITION

You Mean SnowMuch To Me Figurine Even in freezing temperatures, companionship makes you feel warm. Standing upon the glittering landscape, a lovely girl and her squirrel friend make the very best snowballs of the season. Bisque porcelain. 6"H. 219017 | $50.00 EXCLUSIVE

First In Series

You’re SoWonder-fall Figurine A celebration of a splendid season, this figurine makes a thoughtful autumn gift for anyone you think is simply ‘wonder-fall’! Bisque porcelain. 5.25"H. 219018 | $50.00 EXCLUSIVE

Coming Soon! Look for the spring and summer versions.

Angels Of Hope Figurine Who better to instill hope in the heart than heavenly angels? Encourage positivity and a belief in good things to come with this heartfelt figurine. Bisque porcelain. 5.5"H. 219026 | $50.00 EXCLUSIVE


Share Easter Blessings

Wishing You A Hoppy Easter Girl Figurine Showing her adorable Easter Bunny impression, this determined egg-hunter has collected quite a haul. A pair of bunny ears and the cutest cottontail complete her look for the perfect addition to any Easter basket or centerpiece. Bisque porcelain. 4.5"H. 212015 | $45.00 Wishing You A Hoppy Easter Boy Figurine This finely-dressed young boy is doing his best Easter Bunny impression and couldn’t wait to take a nibble from a treat he has found. Bisque porcelain. 4.5"H. 212016 | $45.00

Oh Hoppy Day Floppy Bunny Stuffed Animal

Make every day “hoppier” with the most adorable bunny ever! Get ready for a sweet snuggle and a happy hug with this super soft, floppy-eared bunny! Plush. 8.5"H. A15776 | $14.00

Enjoy free shipping † for a year. See page 21 for details. | 866-336-2554 14

Happy Tails To You Figurine A happy greeting and a good squeeze are sometimes all you need. Bisque porcelain. 4"H. 199007 | $36.00

Count Your Many Blessings Figurine Remind someone dear that their blessings are as plentiful as jelly

Wishing You Un-eggspected Love Figurine Finding himself face-to-face with a new friend to love, this bunny helps you send warm wishes this Easter. Bisque porcelain. 4"H. 199009 | $36.00

beans at Eastertime. Bisque porcelain. 4"H. 199008 | $36.00

Little Book Of Easter Blessings Filled with Precious Moments artwork, fun poems, sweet prayers, and simple Bible verses, this book teaches little ones that the very best part of Easter is Jesus. Padded board book. 5"W x 7"H. 32 pages. 9866-7 | $10.00

Hello, Spring! Welcome the springtime season with a sweet little one as you say hello to the shining sun, blooming flowers, and new friends. Hardcover board book. 5"W x 5"H. 10 pages. 7843800 | $6.00


First Communion

Holy Communion Boy Musical Hands in prayer and dressed in his Sunday best, this touching musical is the perfect gift to honor any boy’s first Holy Communion. Plays “The Lord’s Prayer”. Resin. 6"H. 212103 | $35.00 Holy Communion Girl Musical Celebrate her first Holy Communion with a stunning figurine with her hands in prayer and an outfit of all white. The shimmering details and accents bring depth to this wind-up musical. Plays “The Lord’s Prayer”. Resin. 6"H. 212102 | $35.00

Faith Is The Light That Guides You Girl Rosary Box with Rosary Resin/Metal/Plastic. 2.25" Dia. x 1.25"H. 202428 | $27.50

Remembrance Of My First Communion Figurine

So much preparation goes into this day, and once their hearts are ready, the Eucharist is joyfully received for the first time. Give this figurine as a lasting memento from this holy occasion. Bisque porcelain. 4"H. 202017 | $50.00

Holy Communion Musical Plays “The Lord’s Prayer”. Resin. 6"H. 153502 | $35.00

May His Light Shine In Your Heart Today And Always Girl Rosary Box with Rosary Zinc alloy/Metal/Plastic. 2.25" Dia. x 2"H. 172409 | $27.50 | 866-336-2554 16

Baptized In His Name

Cradled In His Love From their first days, a little one born into a faithful family knows they are cradled in love and acceptance. On their baptism day, they are formally welcomed into their church family as well. Honor the blessed occasion with one of these thoughtful gifts! Photo frames hold a 4" x 6" photo. Rosary boxes include a beaded rosary. Girl Photo Frame

| Bisque porcelain/Glass | 8.25"H. | 212403 | $27.50

| 6.25"H. | 212401 | $45.00 | 3.5"H. | 212018 | $45.00 3"H. | 212405 | $27.50 | | 6.25"H. | 212402 | $45.00 | 3.25"H. | 212019 | $45.00 3"H. | 212406 | $27.50 |

Girl Cross

| Bisque porcelain | Bisque porcelain

Girl Figurine

Girl Rosary Box with Rosary | Resin/Metal/Plastic

| Bisque porcelain/Glass | 8.25"H. | 212404 | $27.50

Boy Photo Frame

Boy Cross

| Bisque porcelain | Bisque porcelain

Boy Figurine

Boy Rosary Box with Rosary | Resin/Metal/Plastic


Sweet Nursery Accents

Love You Bear-y Much Musical Snow Globe Mothers love and protect their little ones with the gentleness yet fierceness of a mama bear. This beautiful snow globe plays “Brahms’ Lullaby” as glitter surrounds a sweet bear and her cub. Resin/Glass. 5.75"H. 212104 | $40.00 Wild About You Musical Snow Globe A father lion and his cub perfectly showcase the special bond between parent and child. This darling snow globe plays “Brahms’ Lullaby” as glitter surrounds the pair. Resin/Glass. 5.75"H. 212107 | $40.00

Love You Bear-y Much Bank This bank features a mama bear and her cub looking sweetly at one another while storing a young one’s money.

Ceramic. 5.5"H. 212408 | $20.00

Wild About You Bank This adorable bank illustrates the special father and child bond while helping a young one save their money.

Ceramic. 5.5"H. 212410 | $20.00

Love You Bear-y Much LED Nightlight Young ones feel safer with a nightlight that features a mama bear and her cub. The gentle glow illuminates their bedroom or hallway in a sweet way. Bisque porcelain. Includes two AAA batteries. 5"H. 212407 | $28.00

Wild About You LED Nightlight Turn this darling nightlight on every night for a gentle glow in a little one’s bedroom or the hallway. Bisque porcelain. Includes two AAA batteries. 5"H. 212409 | $28.00 | 866-336-2554 18

Love At First Sight Photo Frame This adorable elephant baby photo frame is perfect for a sonogram or for Baby's first picture. Holds 4" x 6" photo. Resin/Glass. 6"H. 183407 | $20.00

Your Story Has Just Begun Bookends Keep your child’s book collection together with this pair of bookends featuring some of Noah’s favorite creatures. Resin. 2 pieces. 7"H. 201443 | $41.00

Gentle One Faith Fawn Stuffed Animal Plush. 8.5"H. A15852 | $13.00

I Love You To The Moon And Back Squishy Plush Show someone you love them all the way to the moon and back with this adorably squishy plush. Plush. 12"H. A15846 | $20.00

So Beary Sweet Charlie Bear Stuffed Animal Charlie Bear’s warm smile is sure to capture any child’s heart. He fits just right in a stroller or as bedroom décor alongside our “Love You Bear-y Much” Collection. Plush. 12"H. A15701 | $18.00

I’m Nuts About You Skippy Squirrel Stuffed Animal Plush. 8.5"H. A15850 | $13.00

You Are My Sunshine Squishy Plush This bright and squishy plush makes the perfect gift to show someone they are your sunshine when skies are grey. Plush. 14"H. A15845 | $20.00

HandleWith Care Spike Hedgehog Stuffed Animal Plush. 7.5"H. A15851 | $13.00

Visit for all our stuffed animals and squishy plush.


20 | 866-336-2554

Music is one of life’s very special gifts. It can move us, inspire us, cement a memory, and lift a mood. In honor of all the beautiful melodies and harmonies found in each beautiful day, we are proud to introduce the Precious Moments Collectors’ Club ® 2022 Symbol of Membership Figurine and Members’ Only Figurines. Centered on the theme: “Make Your Own Kind Of Music,” these figurines make a lovely display anywhere music is appreciated! The four figurines fit together to create a beautiful scene of a Precious Moments ® band ready to play for you, representing the “music” you make in your life every single day. The 2022 Precious Moments Collectors’ Club ® Join the 2022 Collectors’ Club for only $50.00 for a full year! Introducing

• FREE Symbol of Membership Figurine Love Is The Music • EXCLUSIVE ability to purchase three 2022 Members’ Only Figurines • FREE one-year digital subscription to MOMENTS Magazine, the official publication of the Precious Moments Collectors’ Club ® • FREE shipping † on all eligible purchases • FREE figurine and doll personalization † on eligible products • EXCLUSIVE ability to earn Share Love Rewards Points three times faster Earn benefits* only available as a Member, including:

A. Love Is The Music | 2022 Symbol Of Membership Figurine | CC229001 B. Heart Is The Rhythm | 2022 Members’ Only Figurine | CC229002 | $70.00 C. Joy Is The Key | 2022 Members’ Only Figurine | CC229003 | $60.00 D. Life Is The Melody | 2022 Members’ Only Figurine | CC229004 | $40.00





1. Catalog order form 2. Call 1-877-496-8725 3. Visit 3 WAYS TO PURCHASE YOUR CLUB MEMBERSHIP: Club Members receive an invitation to join the official Club Facebook group for exclusive giveaways, pre-orders, and new product sneak peeks!

*Restrictions apply. Visit for details. † Valid on eligible purchases made through and Precious Moments Mail Order Division.


In Remembrance

May Angels Embrace You Photo Frame Honor those who have passed by keeping their memory forever close with this photo frame featuring beautifully detailed angel wings. Holds 4" x 4" photo. Resin/Glass. 6.75"H. 192405 | $36.00

Memories Of YouWill Bloom Forever Garden Stone The memories held within the heart can always be called upon to offer a bit of solace during times of grief. This beautiful garden stone helps someone revisit those comforting memories. Resin. 9"L x 3"W x 6.5"H. 203111 | $27.50

Run FreeWith The Angels Pet Memorial Garden Stone

Pets bring comfort, they are playmates, and they are friends. This garden stone allows them to be remembered for all the ways they brought joy to each day. Resin. 8.25"L x 7.5"W x 5.25"H. 202425 | $27.50

Always In Our Hearts Pet Memorial Garden Stone Resin. 8 " L x 7 " W x 5 " H. 171460 | $27.50 | 866-336-2554 22

Thinking Of You

Breathe More, Worry Less Figurine Namaste! With eyes closed and mind clear, this young yogi inspires a life of deep breathing and positivity. Give this figurine to a friend, coworker, or anyone who could use a reminder to take time to enjoy the moment. Bisque porcelain. 6"H. 212008 | $45.00

Congrats! Figurine Honor any accomplishment simply and sweetly with this adorable girl holding her purple balloon. It becomes a lasting reminder of their achievement and your thoughtfulness. Bisque porcelain. 6.5"H. 216008 | $45.00 Thinking Of You Figurine Brighten someone’s day by letting them know you are sending good thoughts their way. This sweet messenger shares thoughtful words with anyone who could use a pick-me-up. Bisque porcelain. 6.5"H. 216009 | $45.00

You’re My Hero Figurine With the hearts of heroes, healthcare workers sacrifice so much to help those who need it most. Making a difference every day in the lives of their patients, these selfless healthcare workers are not only essential, but also deeply appreciated. Resin. 6"H.

Girl | 202430 | $37.50 Boy | 202431 | $37.50 Personalized | $44.00

Enjoy free personalization † for a year. See page 21 for details.

Personalize It See Page 20 for details.

Add a hand-painted name or date to your figurine.


Birthday Fun

You’re The Icing On My Cupcake Figurine This little cupcake sends happy birthday greetings most adorably! With her sparkly purple cupcake costume, she waves a sweet “happy birthday” message. Bisque porcelain. 6.5"H. 216012 | $50.00 Personalized | $56.50

Happy Birthday! Figurine Birthdays only come around once a year, so seize the chance to make someone feel extra loved. Sharing a pink balloon with happy birthday greetings, this thoughtful figurine is the sweetest way to send a joyful message on someone’s special day. Bisque porcelain. 6.5"H. 216007 | $45.00

BirthdayWishes! Figurine Arms outstretched and ready for an embrace, this messenger shares pure joy with her sparkly outfit. | 216003 | $45.00 Brunette Hair/Medium Skin | 216004 | $45.00 Bisque porcelain. 5.5"H. Blonde Hair/Light Skin | 866-336-2554 24

Birthday Train









Figurines crafted from the finest bisque porcelain, these hand-painted, sweet surprises become a tradition children look forward to year after year.











Clown Conductor: Bless The Days Of Our Youth Figurine A. 5"H. | 142019 | $40.00 Caboose: May Your Birthday BeWarm Figurine B. 2.75"H. | 142020 | $30.00 Age 1: Happy Birthday Little Lamb Figurine C. 3"H. | 142021 | $30.00 Age 2: God Bless You On Your Birthday Figurine D. 3.75"H. | 142022 | $30.00 Age 3: Heaven Bless Your Special Day Figurine E. 3.5"H. | 142023 | $30.00

Age 4: May Your Birthday Be Gigantic Figurine F. 4"H. | 142024 | $32.50 Age 5: This Day Is Something To Roar About Figurine G. 4.25"H. | 142025 | $40.00 Age 6: Keep Looking Up Figurine H. 5.5"H. | 142026 | $40.00 Age 7: Wishing You Grr-Eatness Figurine I. 4"H. | 142027 | $40.00 Age 8: Isn’t Eight Just Great Figurine J. 4.75"H. | 142028 | $40.00

Age 9: Being Nine Is Just Divine Figurine

Age 14: It’s Your Birthday - Live It Up Large Figurine P. 3.5"H. | 142034 | $40.00 Age 15: It’s Your Birthday - Go Bananas Figurine Q. 4.5"H. | 142035 | $40.00 Age 16: 16 And Feline Fine Figurine R. 4.5"H. | 142036 | $40.00

K. 4.25"H. | 142029 | $40.00 Age 10: May Your Birthday Be Mammoth Figurine L. 4.25"H. | 142030 | $40.00 Age 11: Take Your Time It’s Your Birthday Figurine M. 4.25"H. | 142031 | $40.00 Age 12: Give A Grin And Let The Fun Begin Figurine N. 4.5"H. | 142032 | $40.00

Age 13: You Mean The Moose To Me Figurine O. 5"H. | 142033 | $40.00


Growing In Grace Celebrate all the graceful ways she grows with an annual figurine. Made of fine bisque porcelain, each treasure is hand-painted and available in blonde and brunette. Ages 1-10 also available with red hair.

Visit for Growing In Grace ages 8-16.

Precious Baby Figurine

Age 1 Figurine

Age 3 Figurine

2.75"H. | 133023



| $27.50

| 142010 | $38.00 | 142010B | $38.00 | 142010D | $38.00

| 142012 | $38.00

Blonde (shown)


Blonde Brunette

| 133040 | $27.50 | 133023D | $27.50

| 142012B | $38.00 Red Exclusive (shown) | 142012D | $38.00 Age 4 Figurine 3.75"H. Blonde | 152010 | $38.00 Brunette (shown) | 152010B | $38.00 Red Exclusive | 152010D | $38.00


Brunette (shown) Red Exclusive Age 2 Figurine Blonde (shown)

Red Exclusive

3.5"H. | 142011

| $38.00

| 142011B | $38.00 | 142011D | $38.00


Red Exclusive

Age 5 Figurine

Age 6 Figurine



Age 7 Figurine Blonde (shown)


| 152011 | $43.00 | 152011B | $43.00 | 152011D | $43.00

| 152012 | $43.00


Blonde Brunette

| 154034 | $43.00 | 154034B | $43.00 | 154034D | $43.00

| 152012B | $43.00 Red Exclusive (shown) | 152012D | $43.00

Brunette (shown) Red Exclusive


Red Exclusive | 866-336-2554 26

Disney Birthday Parade Start a birthday tradition they’ll cherish for a lifetime! Carefully crafted of resin.

each $ 35 .00

Hail To The Princess Figurine 6"H. | 104402

May Your Birthday Be The Fairest Of ThemAll Disney SnowWhite Figurine 4.25"H. | 104403

Bibbidi, Bobbidi, Boo – NowYou’re Two! Disney Cinderella Figurine 4.25"H. | 104404

NowYou’re Three, A Beauty You’ll Always And Forever Be Disney Aurora Figurine 4.25"H. | 104405

Make A Splash On Your Birthday Disney Ariel Figurine 4.25"H. | 104406

A Beauty To Behold At Five Years Old Disney Belle Figurine 4.25"H. | 104407

Have A Fairy Happy Birthday Disney Tinker Bell Figurine 4.5"H. | 104408

I’m In Heaven To Be Seven! Disney Rapunzel Figurine 4.25"H. | 114424

Eight Is Great! Disney Jasmine Figurine 4.25"H. | 114425

Nine Is Divine! Disney Mulan Figurine 4.25"H. | 114426

Double Digit Dreams Disney Tiana Figurine 4.25"H. | 193451

Listen To Your Heart Disney Pocahontas Figurine 4.25"H. | 133405

Fulfill Your Dreams Disney Merida Figurine 4.75"H. | 133406


Disney Collectible Parade Your favorite Disney characters create a fun and vibrant parade to celebrate any occasion!

each $ 27 .50

Each figurine is made of resin and metal and includes numbered stickers 1-8 to honor a special birthday.

Disney Collectible Parade Mickey Mouse Figurine 3.25"H. | 201701

Disney Collectible Parade Minnie Mouse Figurine 3.75"H. | 201708

Disney Collectible Parade Goofy Figurine 3.75"H. | 201703

Disney Collectible Parade Daisy Duck and Donald Duck Figurine 4"H. | 201702

Disney Collectible Parade Pluto and Figaro Figurine 4"H. | 201704

Disney Collectible Parade Chip and Dale Figurine 2.75"H. | 201705

Disney Collectible Parade Scrooge McDuck Figurine 3.75"H. | 201706

Disney Collectible Parade Huey, Dewey, and Louie Figurine 3.5"H. | 201707 | 866-336-2554 28

Disney Favorites

I’mOver The Rooftops For You Disney Mary Poppins Figurine With her magical umbrella in hand, this confident young lady stands upon a chimney ready to make the next adventure happen. Straight from the Disney film, Mary Poppins , everyone’s favorite nanny inspires this darling figurine. Bisque porcelain. 6.75"H. 211023 | $60.00

You’re So ‘Deer’ To Me Disney Anna Figurine This sweet girl is ready for adventure dressed as Anna, her favorite character from Disney’s Frozen . Bisque porcelain. 5.75"H. 193054 | $60.00 Personalized | $66.50

Find Your Spirit Within Disney Elsa Figurine

Dressed as Elsa from Disney’s Frozen 2 , a confident young lady welcomes the dawning of a new day and the discovery of her true self and purpose. Bisque porcelain. 5.25"H. 211029 | $65.00

My Dream Starts With Me Disney Tiana Figurine The evening star is great for wishing, but can only take you so far. This Disney’s The Princess And The Frog figurine is a reminder to put in the work to make your dreams come true. Bisque porcelain. 5.5"H. 211026 | $60.00

Personalize It See Page 20 for details.

Add a hand-painted name or date to your figurine.


NewFor Disney Fans

FollowYour Dreams To Happily Ever After Disney Cinderella Musical Snow Globe Inspire someone to follow the dreams their heart makes. Designed to capture the tale of Disney’s world-renowned film Cinderella , this enchanting snow globe plays the tune “A Dream Is AWish Your Heart Makes”. Resin/Glass. 5.75"H. 201115 | $55.00

DreamA Fantastic Dream Disney Mickey Mouse Rotating Musical Dressed in his sorcerer’s robe and hat, young Mickey Mouse from Disney’s Fantasia rises to the magical challenge before him as the obedient brooms rotate all around. This whimsical musical figurine rotates and plays the tune “Sorcerer’s Apprentice”. Includes 3 AAA batteries. Resin. 7.25"H. 202706 | $80.00

Friends Forever Disney Jasmine Figurine Celebrate the beauty of a lasting friendship with a touching figurine featuring Jasmine and her feline friend Raja from Disney’s Aladdin . It makes a perfect gift for the friend who is forever by your side. Bisque porcelain. 5.75"H. 203066 | $90.00

You Swept Me OffMy Feet Disney Cinderella Figurine Simply swept off her feet by her dashing prince, this graceful girl has found her true love at last. Inspired by Disney’s Cinderella , this romantic figurine offers so many darling details to discover. Bisque porcelain. 5.5"H. 212012 | $80.00 Personalized | $86.50 | 866-336-2554 30

Love Your Inner Monster Disney and Pixar Monsters, Inc. Photo Frame

Showcase a treasured 3.5" x 5" photo in this playful Monsters, Inc. photo frame featuring everyone’s favorite Scream Factory duo, Mike and Sully. This frame is so cute, it’s scary! Resin/Glass. 6"H. 202709 | $35.00

True Love Conquers All Disney Sleeping Beauty Musical Magnificently composed, this musical figurine recreates the climactic scene from Disney’s Sleeping Beauty . As the princess slumbers, her prince fights the mighty dragon, all while the tune “Sleeping Beauty Waltz” plays on. Resin. 8.5"H. 203165 | $90.00

Be True To You Disney Mulan Musical Mulan’s story encourages us to be true to what is in our hearts. Based on her story, this musical figurine inspires someone special to feel confident in being exactly who they are. Plays the tune “Reflection”. Resin. 6"H. 212101 | $45.00


Our Love Goes The Distance Disney The Little Mermaid Figurine Limited to only 3,500 pieces worldwide, this breathtaking figurine illustrates that no divide is too wide for love to overcome. Fans of Disney’s The Little Mermaid will appreciate the artistry and sentiment behind this stunning Limited Edition. Bisque porcelain. 8.5"L x 5.75"W x 5.75"H. 212011 | $160.00

© Disney/Pixar


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You’re Bear-y Sweet Musical Snow Globe

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