Découverte de la dépouille de Gary Foster La police amis fin à sa recherche de Gary Foster, un homme de 78 ans du canton d’Alfred-Plantagenet, dont la disparition a été signalée le 15 août. Les chercheurs ont trouvé le corps de Foster près du village de Curran le 29 août. L’unité canine de la Police provinciale de l’Ontario a trouvé le corps de M. Foster au milieu de l’après-midi le mardi 29 août. Il était situé Mardi. lors d’une recherche d’une zone boisée dense près du village. Des représentants du Bureau du coro- ner en chef se sont rendus sur les lieux. Un post-mortemétait prévue pour déterminer la cause du décès.

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The search for Gary Foster has ended after a police K9 team found his body in a wooded area near the Village of Curran. A post-mortem examination is scheduled to determine cause of death. —photo archives

Rabies clinics in mid-September

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Le Bureau de santé de l’est de l’Ontario prévoit une série de séances de vaccination contre la rage dans toute la région pour la mi-septembre. Détails :

The Eastern Ontario Health Unit is sche- duling a series of rabies vaccination clinics throughout the region formid-September. The clinics will take place Sept. 16, 1 to 4 p.m., at various veterinary clinics through- out Eastern Ontario. The Eastern Ontario Health Unit (EOHU) is working in partner- ship with local veterinarians to sponsor the clinics, to help ensure that the region’s cat and dog population has guaranteed protec- tion against the risk of rabies. Provincial law requires all cats and dogs that are three months or older get rabies shots.This applies also to pets which remain indoors all the time. Cost for the clinics is $20 for each pet brought in for vaccination. No examination

is required or will take place. Details about locations for the rabies clinics is at www. The website also provides advice on the symptoms of rabies and dealing with a suspected rabid animal. The EOHU emphasizes that the clinics are part of an annual program to reduce the risk of rabies in the region and that there have been no cases of rabies reported in Eastern Ontario. There are reports from Southern Ontario of an outbreak of rabies in raccoons. Besides raccoons, other wild animals which are susceptible to rabies are bats and skunks. Dogs and cats which are allowed to run loose outside may contract rabies if they encounter and are bitten by an infected animal or come in contact with the saliva.

Julie Brisson, president of the Prescott-Russell Chamber of Commerce, congratulates one of its newest members, Sonya Sohi, owner/operator of Le Pavillon in Embrun.“Le Pavillon is a 70-bed retirement residence nestled in the charming small town of Embrun, backing on to the beautiful and picturesque Castor River”, said Ms. Sohi.“A single storey community that allows our residents to enjoy all aspects of independent seniors living with a full range of daily activities, home-made meals and care services at your fingertips, if and when you need them! It’s“Your Home, Your Way”. Each and every day, our dedicated staff, with serving hearts, strive to bring new experiences to our residents, enriching their lives further. Founder and President of Peachtree Senior Living, Sonya Sohi, also owner/operator of Le Pavillon and Mapleview Retirement Residence, has been enriching the lives of seniors since 2002. It was her calling from the very beginning, to enrich the lives of all seniors with her serving heart. This has become the guiding principle for all staff in every interaction with their residents, each and every day.”

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