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I started using Airbiotics about a month ago after watching a webinar about it. I’m someone who is very concerned about all aspects of health, and this is a product whose time has come. After putting the Airbiotic diffuser in my bedroom, I noticed that the stale air smell after sleeping in an enclosed room all night was gone. I have not got even a slight sore throat and this is the time of year when this normally happens to me. The uses for these products are unlimited and I’m still finding new ways to use them, such as furniture, throw pillows, bedding, trash cans, toothbrush, glass cleaner, kitchen and bath, etc... Lastly I’m not someone who cleans often, and I always felt using traditional cleaning product was a double edged sword because of their toxic nature. Now I have a different feeling while cleaning and I actually get into it knowing these probiotics are actually good for me. Chris Saunders Los Angeles, CA I'm Will Wegert's sister and I just wanted to say thank you for the products you sent in addition to my order! I am enjoying them so far and am so excited to use them over the winter. After Will told me about the products, I was keeping my eyes open for them to be on the market and bought them as soon as I saw them for sale. What a great product! It's about time our all-negative views about bacteria start to flux to a more balanced view instead of a "kill everything" mentality. I've seen the trend start to change in the food arena - people are starting to realize the value of probiotic foods and are incorporating them into their diet: raw milk, sauerkraut, kombucha tea, etc... - but it's great that there is now a cleaning product that doesn't advertise "kills 99.99% of all germs" and does the opposite instead. Anyways, great work, and thank you again for the products. I will put them to good use! Mari Jean Sanders “... The uses for these products are unlimited and I’m still finding new ways to use them, such as furniture, pillows, bedding, trash cans, glass....” AirBiotic 1 Chris Saunders Los Angeles, CA

My son Aaron is 13 years old and suffers with allergies from dust mites to asthma. The very first time we used the spray his breathing improved and he slept better at night. He now sprays his pillow each night and we spray it in our tent when we go camping. Thank you Airbiotics for helping my son. We have now installed your Airbiotic1 device in our home too. Scott Kufus Orlando, FL My 2 dogs were sprayed by a skunk around 2:00am and I was too tired to bathe them. I brought them inside the house and sprayed them with your Stabiotic Mist. Immediately the smell of the skunk was significantly reduced and the next morning my home did NOT smell like skunk! Before I left for work I sprayed my dogs again and by the time I got home there was zero smell in the house or on either one of my dogs! TRULY AMAZED! Joan in CA I have been experiencing morning sniffles and tearing eyes for years, to the point of accepting this as a part of life that I had no control over. After using the Airbiotic spray for 1 week on my pillow and bed sheets, I realized that my symptoms have improved by 90% because the probiotics eliminated the dust mite excrement, to which so many of us are allergic to. To me, this is a clear indication that my allergic reaction can be overcome by using Airbiotics’ probiotic spray, and after reading the many studies regarding the products, it also makes “scientific sense”. Dr. Moshe Dekel South Carolina I am allergic to my girlfriend’s dog. Just being around him makes my skin itch and sometimes I even get hives. My mom gifted me the Airbiotic Mist Spray and I am happy to share that I have experienced ZERO allergies since using the spray. I spray the furniture, myself, the dog and everything else and I am so grateful for these incredible results! Thank you! Ryan R. Raleigh, North Carolina Everything I have used to mask or clean my cat litter box has not worked. My neighbor shared your probiotic spray with me and I am AMAZED! WOW! No smell for days! I don’t know much about probiotics but I know your spray works 100%! Thank you so much! Victoria Stokes Mission Viejo, CA I discovered that my son smoked inside the car this past weekend because when I opened the car door I almost passed out from the strong smell of cigarettes! This happened the same day my first Airbiotic Mist Spray arrived! I went into the house, grabbed the spray and shot out a tiny spritz in each corner of the car. In a few minutes I opened up the car and WOW! The cigarette smell was completely gone! Thanks so much Airbiotics! Carol in AZ Our family has 2 dogs and 2 cats whom we love very much. Unfortunately the dander from my pets drives my allergies crazy! Since I have been using this spray on my pets and in my home I have been able to breathe easier and my allergies have been significantly reduced! Rachel in OH As someone in the Apartment Management business I know what it’s like to have a unit that has an odor that is difficult to get out. After using so many odor removers that claim to get odors out and being disappointed I was skeptical about using your All Purpose Cleaner and Spray. My first experience using the spray was in a home who had pets and obviously smoked indoors. Shockingly, your probiotic powered products actually worked! Within the same 10 minutes that I sprayed the mist I could immediately notice the huge difference! Also, after cleaning the apartment with your cleaner there was absolutely NO SMELL anywhere in the apartment! Lisa in CA “...symptoms have improved by 90% because the probiotics eliminated the dust mite excrements... my allergic reaction can be overcome by using Airbiotics’ probiotic...” Airbiotics Mist Dr. Moshe Dekel South Carolina

J. Perez Regional Maintenance Supervisor Fresno, CA I own a cleaning business and my clients loved it when I switch to Airbiotics. Once they learned I was cleaning their business offices with probiotics I secured more business with them and they wanted to find out more about Airbiotics products for their homes! Owner of J & A Pro Cleaning Airy in CA As a Regional Maintenance Supervisor for residential and commercial buildings, I am responsible for the condition and cleanliness of my buildings and the safety of my employees. By using Airbiotics All Purpose Cleaner I have replaced the need to use multiple toxic cleaners and my employees have a safer product to use without fear of adverse chemical reactions. Airbiotics cleans everything! This is the best product I have ever used to remove and prevent mold, mildew and odors! Impressed and sharing! J. Perez Regional Maintenance Supervisor Fresno, CA Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is more than just a martial art. Jiu-Jitsu embraces a lifestyle of healthy living. Airbiotics All Purpose Cleaner removes odors and bacteria better than any other conventional cleaner or disinfectant that I have used in any of my gyms and academies. My students and I can see and smell the difference and we appreciate the cleaner environment Airbiotics is creating indoors. Many of my students are even purchasing these products for their homes and offices. This was an easy switch! Thank you Airbiotics. Master Carlson Gracie Jr. Chicago, IL “...Airbiotics cleans everything! This is the best product I have ever used to remove and prevent mold, mildew and odors! Impressed and sharing!...” All Purpose Cleaner

“I used the APC on everything: floors, countertops and my carpet cleaning machine! Also, I felt immediate relief from using the Airbiotic spray...” In my several years of cleaning for the hotel industry and as a mother of 3 children I have NEVER had an all-purpose cleaner that didn’t require me to wear gloves. Wow! I used your probiotic cleaner on everything in my own home and I didn’t feel all gross after cleaning my bathrooms. Everything I cleaned looked like it was polished! My home smells clean because of the odor removing probiotics and I’m excited to know the probiotics continue to work well after I’m done cleaning! Thanks so much! Priscilla in CA I am so impressed with your all-purpose cleaner and allergy free spray! I have suffered most of my life from asthma and severe allergies. In fact, I have been taking Allegra D 12 hour for the last 9 years daily. After spraying my pillows for just a few days I tried not taking an Allegra pill before bed last night to see how I would wake up... I woke up without any itching puffy eyes and no sneezing! It’s a miracle! I even took the cleaning product to my job and cleaned around my desk. As someone in the medical profession I am always around sick patience. I refuse to use any other cleaner at home or at work! I am a true believer. Thank you so much Airbiotics! Prunchetta King Charlotte, NC My new puppy kept peeing in the same corner of the house and we tried everything to clean that spot but nothing could remove the odor or the stain. I heard about your product from a friend of mine in CA and I purchased it immediately. The first time I used the product I was blown away! Within minutes the odor was gone and the stain was completely gone too! I have owned 4 dogs in my life and I have never seen or used a product this effective. Aaron Rogers Georgia Susie in WI

I used the All Purpose Cleaner on everything: countertops, floors and my carpet cleaning machine! Also, I felt immediate relief from using the Airbiotic spray. It’s only been a few days and no more inhalers for me and my throat is clear! Susie in WI

I made salmon for dinner and after throwing away the packaging and left over fish I sprayed my trash can with my Airbiotic All Purpose Cleaner. To my surprise my trash can did not smell at all the next morning. Normally, I would have had to take the trash out that same night but I completely forgot because there was absolutely no smell! I am impressed! Carlos in CA I have used your All Purpose Cleaner on EVERYTHING! I even take it to work with me. I use this on countertops to computer screens and everything in between! I love how there’s no harsh chemical smells or fragrances because I am extremely sensitive to chemicals. Using your cleaner has allowed me to replace all other cleaning products in my home and your cleaner fits with my green living lifestyle! Thank you so much! Nida in HI

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