Cerebrum Fall 2020


Brandon Barrera Editorial Assistant

Seimi Rurup Assistant Editor Rurup oversees the

Bill Glovin Executive Editor Glovin has been a working journalist for more than 30 years. He is

Barrera is a New York City journalist, born and raised in Queens and living in

production of all digital and print content at the

Manhattan. A public affairs assistant at the Dana Foundation, he is the host of the Dana Foundation’s Communicating Brain Science podcast and writes about books for the magazine. Before coming to Dana, he helped produce content for Bronx Net, a public access television channel. When not enthralled by all things sci-fi, Barrera is fond of cycling, film, and arguing the finer points of tabletop gaming.

Dana Foundation. She previously served as editor of Brain in the News , which was the Foundation’s longest running print publication, and utilizes her background in fine arts to contribute to current publications and social media. She also contributes to the Foundation’s Neuro News section. Rurup graduated from Sarah Lawrence College with a degree in writing. When she is not in the office, she can be found in one of NYC’s many museums, Brooklyn cafés, or at home cooking with friends.

executive editor at the Dana Foundation and hosts the Cerebrum Podcast. He has served as editor of Cerebrum since 2012. Previously, he was senior editor at Rutgers Magazine , managing editor of New Jersey Success , editor for New Jersey Business and a staff writer for The Bergen Record . Glovin graduated from George Washington University with a degree in journalism. He sometimes escapes from in front of the monitor to enjoy basketball, biking, and guitar.


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