2024 Suntory Catalog


AWARD-WINNING SURDIVA 2022 Top Performer, Mast Young Plants (White Improved) 2022 Best of Species, Director’s Select, Penn State (White Improved) 2022 Director’s Select, Penn State (Purple) 2022 Top 10 Hanging Baskets, North Carolina State (White Improved, Purple) 2022 Field Day Favorite, Cornell University (Purple) 2021 Best of Show, Best of Species, Penn State (White Improved) 2021 Director’s Select, Penn State (Blue Violet, Fashion Pink) 2021 Best of Breed Hanging Baskets, North Carolina State (Fashion Pink) 2020 Classic City Award, University of Georgia (White Improved) 2020 Top 10 Performer, University of Minnesota (Blue Violet)

Blue Violet Bonsca 1430


Sky Blue Bonsca 1419

Fashion Pink Bonsca 1433

Purple Bonsca 199


White Improved Bonsca 1160

Surdiva ® habit • Mounding, semi-trailing • Height: 6-10 inches

• Classic varieties are flatter, more horizontal and two weeks later to bloom.

Genus Scaevola Family Goodeniaceae Plant type Annual Bloom time Continuous, spring to fall Bloom size 1 / 2 -1 inch Light  Full sun, partial sun Growing temperatures 60-80˚F pH 5.5-6.0 Grower pots 4-inch and larger Retail container 4-inch pots and larger Crop times 4-inch pot (1 liner) – 6-7 weeks, 1 pinch 6-inch pot(1 liner) – 7-8 weeks, 2 pinches 10-inch pots (3 liners) – 12-15 weeks, 2-3 pinches

Classic Blue Bonscablue

Classic Pink Bonsca 1203


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